22 March 2008

Cabal Online; Nevareth Carnival

Queueing for the goodie bag is so hectic..

Another event calls for people like me to attend it.. So this is the Singapore event held at Suntec Convention Centre while the Malaysian counterpart is held at the Berjaya Time Square at Kuala Lumpur..

Me, Infestor51, Mirul and Benji queued at 10am and waited till 10.45am for the queue to start moving..

After we got our goodie bags, we decided to try out some pre-made high-lvl characters of all classes..

How high are those characters? They are about lvl 101+ which is impossible during online play yet..

While the event gonna start soon, we decided to head for McDonald to check our stash.. This include a wallpaper, a phone-strap, a E2MAX discount card and a free shirt (if you wear green or black at the event )..

The event was from 11am till 8pm.. Enjoy the pics..
The enthusiastic uncle.. Funny part is, he don't know how the game works..

The chariot race..

The shadowhand game..

The lucky draw.. The last winner won a cool LG laptop..

End of event..

Not enough of the event? I caught 2 pics of the 2 chars; wizard and force blader..

The final booty I got from the contest and competition me and my brother got.. The new stuffs are the limited edition poster, the Asiasoft inflatable rod, the Cabal cardholder and a yellow wristband..

The event was well-received, both by the Cabal gamers and the public who watched the show.. So if you like to try this game, you can go to the website at

Good luck playing the game..


  1. Ahh! Cabal posters! Want want! Great job at getting stuff from the competition. Looks like the carnival over there was better than the ACGC ^^;

    They had high level accounts for trial, eh? Sounds like fun.

  2. @ mizunaga: Lol.. I thought the carnival at Berjaya Time Square was better since theres ACGC too..

    Yea, the characters are at lvl 104 and they have all the skills.. We only manage to use only 1/5 of the whole skills to duel with each other..


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