08 March 2008

Clannad Ep20

Yup, this week's episode of Clannad is a very very sad story..

Well, the story begin with Akio showing Tomoya the most colourful bread ever seen, Rainbow bread..

Ooooo... Shiny..

Anyway, the story starts to get funny when Yukine-chan taught the boys; Tomoya and Sunohara another charm to attract girls to them which Sunohara did in an instance..

First you have to make a heart using your thumb and index finger.. Then you must chant 3 times; " To love, To be loved, To dump, To be dumped"..

Then you have to walk around the area of the building you are in once and the first girl to speak to you might be interested in you..

Well, it doesn't really work on Sunohara pretty well.. He gets emotional because he walked around school 5 times but no girls talk to him..
I pity you Sunohara..

Then we see some antics from Fuko too when Tomoya asked her to act like a zombie to ward against 'bears' that have entered the school area..

Now this is where the real story starts... Akio-san wants to reveal why he and Sanae-san quit their job to take care of Nagisa.. Akio told Tomoya to keep it a secret but Akio-san, being abit dumb, ask Sanae for a cup of tea, which kinda contradict what he just said to Tomoya..

Next hiding spot; behind the house.. Sanae-san gave both of them the tea Akio-san asked for.. And he stupidly reminds Tomoya in from of Sanae-san..

Final and last hide-out; the rooftop.. Abit odd don't you think??
We are just sightseeing..

Finally, Akio-san can reveal the secret to Nagisa's past.. He told Tomoya that when she was young, Akio and Sanae have their own job to take care.. One day, Nagisa fell sick.. However, the nursery was closed due to snow but Akio and Sanae got to do their job to have the financial support for their family..

Even though Akio did a 2-hour job, he was very shocked to find young Nagisa lying outside on the snow.. Knowing she must have waited for him, he quickly went to her side and called a doctor..

So Akio and Sanae made a vow to be always be together with Nagisa..

That night, Akio planned to have one of 3 things to do on Sunday..
Picric Acid isn't an action..

Tomoya, feeling abit guilty that he stayed at Nagisa's home, decided to pay a visit to Sunohara's dormitory.. However, Sunohara, being serious in this episode, told Tomoya that he is the pillar of strength for Nagisa..

Tomoya decides to come back to Nagisa's home and shocked to see Nagisa and hr family waiting for him.. So they played baseball nearby the park... Akio-san was being funny again when he teased Nagisa whether she like Tomoya or not, which she accidently said..

However, the episode kinda stop at this part.. bit disappointed with the cut but kinda makes me want to make for the next episode..

The joker in episode 20 is Akio-san while Sunohara bowed down from his usual antics and became a serious dude afte all.. Though it will be 2-3 more episodes to go till the show ends.. Hope nothing bad will happen at the end of this series..


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