15 March 2008

EA Play 2008

Finally, the annual game event that I have my free time to go to for a whole day..

The EA Play is now in its 3rd yr and this year's event showcase what it had done before in the past years; showing some upcoming and just released games ( only EA games )..

This year is held at Marina Square opposite Suntec Convention Centre.. I and my bro, Infestor51 reached there on the dot which is 11am; and already there are so many people there playing games..

We were in the nick of time to catch the Special 'Command & Conquer Battlecast' where the host congratulate Singapore for being one of the few countries to catch the new upcoming Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath..

There were alot of people queueing at one of the booth.. They were registering their name to compete in the EA tournament..

Then there's another group.. They however were from different countries competing in Crysis tournament only I think.. The winner at the end is Singapore!! Congratz on winning the Crysis tournament..

So what games did I get to play in just one day??

For starters I get to play the just released 'Army-of-Two'.. Played 4 long missions before changing games..

Two for the price of one...

Next there was Burnout Paradise..
Crash and Dash game..

Then there is Need For Speed Pro Street..
Feels the same thing as NFSC.. No change..

But my fav game would be the pre-showcase of Kane's Wrath.. I've played the skirmish so many times ( about 4 actually ) and I'm still liking it... I'm happy that EA used back the Titans and the Wolverines from the previous Tiberium Sun.. They look awesome..

And being a game freak, I didn't go home empty-handed.. I brought back a t-shirt of the GDI.. ( I prefer Scrin but not available.. )

And 2 posters I got for just doing the survey.. Army of Two and NFSPS...

Today was very good.. I'm satisfied playing all these games.. Though it's a 2-day event, I don't want to go 2morrow to the event again because I played with full force..

Furthermore I would wish for others to get their chance of playing the games by themselves.. I hope next year will be as best as this year..


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