05 March 2008

They Are My Noble Master Ep8


The return of Kojūrō in this episode of Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de (They Are My Noble Master ).. One truly funny character..

Well, he did try to escape from the hospital but is still caught by the 'perv' nurses.. Kojūrō prefers to get whacked by Ageha-san than getting molested by the nurses..
Please.. I'm gay..

Back to the Kuonji's household, the family realize that Ageha-san isn't going to go back to her own household even after the required period of her stay..

So Miyu-chan decides to tell her eldest sister, Shinra-san about Ageha long overstay, but Shira-san just brush it off, thinking it isn't a problem yet..

Kojūrō somehow escaped from the hospital filled with the crazed nurses and waited outside the school for Ageha-san after school.. However, Ageha told him to go back home while she went back to the Kuonji's mansion with Ren..
Poor Kojūrō..

At the mansion, Ageha asked Ren to cook up a meal for the whole family, even though he doesn't know how to cook.. The result is drastic, till Miyu-chan telepathically tell her sister Shinra-san that this can't go on forever which Shinra-san agreed..

Feels like Gundam Seed..

After the meal, Ageha and Ren proceed with their training.. However, in between it, Ageha asked Ren to give her a kiss, as a way of loyalty towards the master.. Well, he did it with hesitation at first..

However, they were both caught red-handed by Kojūrō who was pretty pissed off bout what Ren has done.. Kojūrō then gave Ren a powerful punch..
I'm going Super Saiyan!!

However, Ren don't give up without a fight..

But they were immediately stopped by the Colonel who pwned both of them.. Thats Colonel to you both..

Kojūrō wanting to get Ageha back, asked her that she lets Ren compete with him.. Shinra-san, Miyu-chan and Yume-san came by and agreed to his term..

They decide on doing a competition which Ren won on the first round but his masters did not agree wit him since they want Ren to lose so that Ageha can come back to Kojūrō..

2nd round is won by Kojūrō after he manage to get the highest score from the masters.. I don't know how to explain about the competitions..

However, in the 3rd and final round, Kojūrō-san's body couldn't handle the pain since he hasn't recovered fully.. This however, brought Ageha-san to agree to come back home with Kojūrō-san..

In the 2nd last scene, we get to see Ageha sitting by the side of Kojūrō who is recovering from his injuries.. Although she came back to Kojūrō, she still have a crush on Ren..

I'm becoming to like this show again & again.. The anime isn't too poorly made.. And if so they still provide alot of humour with all the characters available in the show.. Maybe there will be more humourous random acts in the next episode..


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