20 March 2008

Shigofumi Ep10

Gameboy Advance anyone?

This episode is the most touching one.. The story is about a guy who has a niece named Fumika ( another person, not the mailman Fumika ).. Anyway, this guy is pretty unlucky in the series..

Firstly, he got into a fight with 2 youths.. When he was 'saved' by the policemen, they thought that he was a child kidnapper when he was actually bringing his niece for a treat at a ice cream shop..

Their reason, he got no job, was an otaku ( stupid reason ) and 30 yrs old.. He did have a job but decided to quit after he found out that he have a terminal appendix cancer..

So after he quit his job, he still do his normal things like painting and stuff.. Anyway, after his release from the police station, he and Fumika decides to end their day and go home..

However, the car broke down in the middle of nowhere but he decides to walk on to find the nearest civilisation.. But Fumika followed him because she is his niece and she want to go together with him..

While they were chatting, he realize that his life wasn't a 'piece of shit'.. Furthermore, he also created the game which his niece his playing.. Then the flashback came and talk about his past in the company he used to work for..

Then came the most heroic part.. A lorry came out of nowhere and honked at them alot of time.. Seeing the trouble approaching, the guy decides to save Fumika by pushing her out the way..

In the next scene, we see that the guy didn't make it.. Fumika and her mum pays a visit to say their goodbye..

She was saddened to see him gone but was happy to hear that the people think of him as a hero who saved the little girl ( Fumika )..

I find this quite sad to see someone dear to you die just to save you.. Though I find the policemen in this episode dumb.. Call the guy's company first instead of the mother or the girl's mother.. Stupid.. Since it reflects the true life in some part of the world, then damn you all..

Anyway, I found a better comment for this series, its from myanimelist.net..

First, I just want to say are the police in Japan insensitive morons or something? First was the police officer who arrested the guy. Yeah, because the first thing that comes to mind when I find a guy being beaten up by punks with a little kid is that this guy is a child molester. Even if there had been a recent report of a child kidnapping shouldn't the cop have made a positive ID that the child with him matched the description of the missing child and questioned the two of them instead of immediately pouncing on the guy. It's not like Lil' Fumika was in any apparent danger or Takehiko was about to grab her and run away from the cop. WTF Japan?

Then there was the cop at the station. Get a job so you don't do something desperate like kidnap children again? First of all, where is your proof he was kidnapping any kids in the first place, and second you call his former place of employment and not his house, his mother, or, the most obvious choice, the girl's mother to verify his story. Again, are police in this country morons? Is it just illegal to sue the police for libel or something 'cause otherwise that was a really stupid thing for the cop to say. Way to kick a guy when he's already down.

Didn't like this episode all that much. Too much of it felt contrived to make this the worst day of this guy's life or something. First the cops, and also Takehiko's decision not to tell anyone about his disease. I'll grant he was depressed, but so much of the crap he suffered from his mom, his coworker, and the interrogator could've been avoided if he'd said look guys I have a terminal illness. Maybe there's some cultural disconnect I'm not getting but either way all it did was to annoy me.

Well anywany, the series is about to end soon.. So many anime is ending soon.. Well, newer ones will take over them later on..


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