14 March 2008

Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone; Good & Bad

Official Site:
Movie Release Date: 1 Sept 07(JP), 13 Mar 08(S'pore)
Running Time: About 98 minutes

Finally the anime movie of the year has reached Singapore's shores.. 'Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone' is the movie I've been waiting for since it's release at Japan on 1st Sept last year..

Went to Cathay Cineleisure in Somerset to catch it at 10.35am, thinking that the posters are still available.. However, the posters are all gone.. Pity..

At least I got this shot of the adverts version..

So what is GOOD about the movie..

1st) The show is nice.. The graphics, the CGI, well almost everything..

2nd) The storyline is awesome.. I'm amazed that they can squeeze 6 episodes ( 180minutes ) into 1 movie ( 98 minutes ).. Though the story is abit random at some point, I don't mind the new movie since it's slated to be heading to a new direction and ending..

3rd) The city of Tokyo-3.. You don't see any city in the world go from underground level to ground level literally and vice versa..

4th) Rei's Eva 00 looks so cool with the orange coloured armour.. And the scene where Rei used a awesome-looking shield to protect Shinji when they were fighting with the 6th Angel ( or 5th Angel in the TV series ), Ramiel..

So what is BAD about the movie..

1st) The 2nd part of the quadlogy movie; Evangelion 2.0; Division which is supposed to be shown after the end of the credits isn't there.... I don't know it's Cathay or the people who send the movie to Singapore...

2nd) The subtitles are white.. Well, the subbing is good but the colour white makes the words unreadable when there's white background..

So what is CONFUSING about the movie..

1st) The 4th Angel that makes the first appearence in the movie attacking military structures is actaully the 3rd Angel in the TV series.. Theres no detail given out about the 3rd Angel in the movie..

I know the leaked version of the movie is out on the internet for a long time but quality-wise, I was pretty much excited to see it in high-quality though.. Anyway here is a screen-grab of the shitty version I found in one of the anime forums..

Feeling nostalgic watching the show, I will catch it tonight at Cathay Cineleisure again.. There's 3 more movies to go..

Hopefully the next movie will get more exciting.. I will give thanks to
Gordon and Wiki for the info..


  1. the poster I got is exactly the same as the pic you took...

  2. Squee: Thats totally awesome. I wish I had come on the day of its release..

    Well, better luck next time when they showcase the second movie..


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