10 March 2008

H2O ~ Footpirnts In The Sand ~ Ep10

It's one of the happiest and saddest episode I've ever watch.. It all happened in just 30 minutes..

Anyway, straight to the point.. Hayami-san, being accepted and loved by Takumi decided to serve a whole breakfast for Takuma and his uncle.. His uncle really thanked her well for the great meal..

Takuma walked to school with Hayami, who have the bell that Takuma gave it to in
episode 9.. They met up wit Hotaru who spotted the bell but didn't want to say anything to both of them, much to the furious Hayami..

In school, they were shocked when the class decides to give them a small celebration to celebrate the giving of the 'love bell'.. However, Takuma, Hayami and Hotaru didn't know bout it..

The only person who got left out of the 'love-bell' group is Yui-chan, who seems very depressed..

I'm Sadako...

Well, after that, life returns to normal.. Hayami treats Takuma for a picnic at the top of the hill..

Their love was short-lived as Hotaru's 'evil' grandfather decides to tell both of them about Takuma's mother's past.. He seriously have alot of personal issues with Hayami..

Having doubts, Takuma and Hayami quickly came back and asked Takuma's uncle.. In the end, he told them that what Hotaru's grandfather said is true.. Takuma, having the greatest shock of his life, decided to forget about it..

But it soon became worst as Takuma dreamt about his mum being taken away by Hayami.. ( Well it's in the dream.. ) However, what he doesn't realised that what he says in the dream is actually heard by Hayami too..

Feeling very hurt, Hayami decided to run away from Takuma's house so that she won't be a bother to him ever again..

I find this episode abit sad.. Having Hotaru's grandfather spoiling the happiness between Hayami and Takuma just was plain evil.. However, the truth hurts and its better to have the grandpa said it than Takuma's uncle..


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