03 March 2008

Clannad Ep19

Finally, the show is back on the road after 2 weeks of inactivity.. I don't know the reason for that but what the heck.. This episode proves itself being as interesting as it would be..

In this episode, Tomoya's teacher wanted to pay a visit to Tomoya's dad.. Tomoya knowing about his past with his father, he tried to sneak out of the staffroom..

However, he was caught by Nagisa who became angry because Tomoya was sneaking away from the teacher..

A rare moment to see Nagisa angry..

So she pulled him back to the teacher.. After that both of them plus the teacher visits Tomoya's father..

But Tomoya wasn't happy to seeing his dad.. Although he heard his dad didn't say anything bad about him, he still don't feel like meeting his dad..

Nagisa saw his feelings and decided to ask him to stay at her house temporarily.. Tomoya packed up and went to Nagisa's house, much to the dismay of Akio-san..
Who doesn't, a girl invited him to stay at her house..

In Nagisa's house, Tomoya experiences what it’s like to be a true family, which makes him feel weird.. He watched Nagisa and family sit down and enjoy their dinner, making Tomoya feel out of place since he never really get together with his dad..

Back in school, the group are back together to see their club up and running together with Tomoyo and Koumura-sensei overlooking the club..

Ah yes.. Sunohara, being dramatic as usual..

2-hit combo.. Gonna hurt real bad..

After school, Nagisa and Tomoya went back home.. But he was shocked to see children in his temporary room and were going through his bag..
We were just looking for the psp..


He later found out from Akio-san that Sanae-san used to be a middle school teacher and she quit her job to be a baker..

Nagisa then confides that she feels that she owes her parents something that happened in the past, but she can’t remember, sparking Tomoya’s curiosity...

To clear up his mind with all these, Tomoya decides to go visit Sunohara for awhile..
Sunohara feeling jealous that Tomoya gets to stay at Nagisa's house..

This episode is both hilarious and exciting.. Sunohara being funny again and getting punched by Kyou and Tomoyo.. I wonder what else he can do in the next episode..


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