13 March 2008

Audiosurf (PC)

Official Site: http://www.audio-surf.com/
Platform: PC
Game Release Date: 15 Feb 08
Price: US$10 or SGD$15

One of my favourite game if I'm not watching anime.. What kind of game is it?? Well, you as a player have to control a character through a track entirely created by your music..

Yes, you heard me right.. Any music that you load into this game will create a different track.. One music, one unique track.. Well, I gave it a try after I got it last week and it was so fun.. The game have alot of different characters but my favourites will be Mono Pro and Ninja Mono..

here for the full info..

Being an otaku ( well not totally ), I played the game using Anime songs that I have on my computer.. I played songs like 'Tears Infection' by Kaori..

From the anime, " Myself;Yourself "..

And 'Doubt & Trust' by Access..

From the anime, "D.Grayman"..

This game is fun by all means.. Your own song to play, not like some games which gives you fixed songs.. And besides, this game takes only about 400mb of your HDD..

You won't get bored with this game trust me.. Besides, I'm not bored since I have a lot of anime songs to play..

Well, this game can be bought from the website through Valve's STEAM ( or most of you can just get it the other way.. :> )..

I recommend everyone into trying this game.. You can send your highscore to the website through your game itself ( except pirated ones ) and see if you are one of the few top players playing that particular song..

Rating: 9/10


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