12 March 2008

Shigofumi Ep9

Ah, such a relaxing episode to watch.. No violence which is a good change once in awhile.. However, following the name of the show, there is still a message to be delivered..

So the episode begins when Mika-san, Kaname and Natsuki visited Fumi-chan in hospital.. Mika-san was very glad to finally talk to her after the shooting incident which is shown in
episode 8..

They met up with Chiaki who flew there.. She asked them whether they are free to go on a holiday break.. However Mika had a job to do but is still able to go with them on a condition that they go to the southern islands where her job required her to go to..

Upon reaching there, they booked 2 tatami rooms at a hotel, one for the girls and the other for the boys which inludes, Kaname and Matoma since the staff talks in a male way..

Natsuki then decides to persuade Kaname into confessing to Mika again like he sed to in the past.. However he wasn't keen to do it..

However, their conversation wasn't to themselves as Chiaki used Matoma as a microphone to hear their conversations..

While they were talking about visiting the nearby island, Natsuki fell down the stairs and crashed onto a girl..

Thats gonna hurt..

After that silly incident, the girl didn't introduce herself but said the reason for coming there was to visit her grandfather's grave on the nearby island..

After that, Chiaki took out some beer to relax herself and all the girls have a fun night..

Though I pity the guys for just listening to the ruckus from their room..

On the next day, they all set off for the island.. The girl then revealed the grandfather's name to everyone, much to the shock from Chiaki..

When they reached the island, the girl set off for her grandfather's grave while the rest head for the beach.. And while Natsuki, Kaname, Matoma and Kanaka were having fun,

Chiaki and Mika decided to go and pay a visit to the grave too..

There, she revealed about her past and that the grandfather of the girl is actually Chiaki's husband.. He & Chiaki ( when she was still human ) were a couple 50 years ago when they met i a fatal accident..

Mika then told Chiaki that her job was to bring Chiaki to the graveyard so that she would be reunited with her husband. Chiaki felt very grateful to Mika for that..

After that they left the island for home..

I felt happy to know about Chiaki's past.. Most of the anime don't show some of their character's past which makes them quite confused to understand sometimes.. But I think Shigofumi will end up as one of the best anime to watch this year..


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