28 March 2008

Annual Gundam Cleaning Day..

Since I have nothing better to do today, I walked around my room deciding on what to keep myself busy.. I then saw my gundams on top on my shelves and an idea pops up..

I've decided to make this day the annual Gundam Cleaning Day.. Well not exactly on this month and day but still this day is always a day where my gundams can get a good polish..

So I began cleaning on my Strike Freedom.. He wasn't too keen on becoming my first subject.. So I pulled them out so that he can't escape by flying..

So I have Impulse Gundam do my bidding by pulling out Strike's head so that I can clean the whole suit properly..

After 15mins of wiping here and there, Strike looks brand new..

I look spanking new..

Well, thanks for the help Impulse, but now it's your turn..

While I was cleaning Strike and Impulse, Infinite Justice and Sword Impulse got tired of waiting so they have a little showdown..
Bow down to me you ****ing noob..

Well, I did tell them to lower their noise, but knowing those robots having no volume adjuster, I just leave them be..

So after Strike and Impulse were done, it was Sword Impulse and Infinite Justice turn.. While they were being polished by me, Impulse and Strike were sparring with each other to kill time..

With all of them looking clean and dust-free, they were put back to the shelf again.. Well, an annual event has ended.. Though I'm thinking of buying a glass rack where I can put all my gundams and maybe figurines in..

P.S.: Sorry about the pics lousy quality, they were taken using my K630i handphone..


  1. lol. nice fight scenes there. anyway maybe i should do the same as well. clean my gundam. but i'm always so lazy no i mean busy. >.<

  2. @ gordon: I don't mine you doing it.. But maybe you can do a better fight scene than me because my gundams weren't very cooperative with what I asked them to do..

    Well, at least Strike Freedom owned them.. XD


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