17 March 2008

They Are My Noble Master Ep9

This week Ren is assigned to be Miyu´s personal assistant. His sister seems pretty happy about it since she can have some free times wworking with him.

He notices that Miyu never leaves a mansion and spends her days doing nothing. However, helping her out the whole day made Ren too tired to think about it..

Well, at least there is some comic relief when he was shocked to see Miyu's robot making out with an electrical appliance.

But this resulted in Benisu to complain to Miyu who then chased them with a leek..

After Ren saved Miyu´s perverted robot from Miyu's leek, he learns from him that Miyu is an child prodigy. She graduated early and made countless patents which earn her money all the time even if she doesn´t do anything.

So after Shinra´s tv performance, she´s angry because interviewer didn´t ask anything about her, just about her father. She takes her anger to Yume and Miyu, complaining they should think more of their future. Miyu dashes out and leaves Shinra confused.

Shinra was confused of why Miyu acted that way.. So the group thinks a different reasons why she is like that.. I like the part where they think of Miyu as a death metal singer, singing 'twin' 5 times per second..

She looks like a character from Guitar Hero 3..

After some conversation and with the help of Ren, they make up and everything is fine and good again at the Kuonji's mansion.

Except that´s not completely true. During Miyu and Shinra´s little misunderstanding, Yume and her future plans were totally ignored. She was pushed away when she tried to talk and when she talked, no-one listened. Episode 9 ends to the scene where Yume breaks down to tears.

I find this episode fairly okay.. But it's sad to see Yume being ignored by Shinra.. I think the only people who noticed her is her servant, Natose..

Maybe with the help of Ren and Natose, they can help cheer up Yume..


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