04 March 2008

Shigofumi Ep8

Well, that is just you and your reflection you are talking to..

This episode proves to be one of the saddest episode I've ever watch in the whole Shigofumi series till now..

In the last episode, we saw Fumika got shot by her father with her gun.. She lie on the floor bleeding while Kasai Natsuka came to help her..

Najima Kaname then pushed Mikawa Kirameki down and punched him with sheer anger..
That's one piss-off person..

Kaname and Natsuki's sister, Haruno carried Mikawa to a room filled with stuffed toys and threw him there.. They then locked the room to prevent Mikawa from escaping..

Natsuka on the other hand bring Fumika to another room.. She then got the shocked of her life when she saw Fumika self-regen her gunshot wound, even pushing the bullet out of her body..

Even Criss Angel can't do that..

Kaname, Natsuki and Haruno ask Fumika about how she came to be.. Fumika then reveals that she's the formation of a split personality of the original Fumika..

She told everyone that she had a sad past where her father tortured her with an ink pen so that he could write a story.. However, the torture causes her to have a split personality since she wasn't allowed to go out of the house and doesn't have anyone to confide with her problems..

The split created 2 persons, the shy, quiet but happy Fumi-chan and the sad and emotional Mika-san.. The tortured continue on and on till one day Mika took over Fumi-chan's body, took a gun and shot Mikawa..

Because of this, Fumi-chan collapse due to shock while later on Mika-san somehow became a mailman for shigofumi..

After the story was told, everyone heard an explosion.. Knowing that Mikawa had escaped the room using gunpowder, Mika-san then head over to the weapon room where Mikawa is and locked the door behind her..

That is one angry Mika.. Mikawa shouldn't have provoke her..

Mika-san tried to kill Mikawa Kirameki but was stopped by Kanaka when she was used by Kaname to break the locked door open..

Haruno then went over to stop Mika-san and told Mikawa Kirameki to earn some money to pay the hospital bill for Fumi-chan who is warded there.. Knowing that he's outnumbered and beaten by Mika-san, he comply with Haruno's term..

In the next scene we can see that Kaname and Natsuki telling Mika-san that they will wait together with her till Fumi-chan recovers from her coma..

I like this episode, especially the part when Mika-san went 'postal' on Mikawa Kirameki.. That sure knocked Mikawa Kirameki to his senses..

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  1. Shigofumi, taking the word postal to greater heights since 2008.


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