26 March 2008

Suzumiya Haruhi Doujin Game

I would like to introduce to you a game I tried out during my few days at home.. Well, let's go back to it's predecessor first to know about it's gameplay..

The game is called, "Suzumiya Haruhi Chourantou".. It is a doujin game made by Souvenir Circ..

So the game starts in the loading screen, showing Haruhi with a speech bubble about the company's name and whatsoever..

Then there are 2 modes to play in this game; Story mode and Free Play mode.. In Free Play mode, you get to select from 7 characters.. They are Kyon, Haruhi, Koizumi, Mikuru, Nagato, Asakura and Tsuruya...

In Story mode, you get to play only Kyon's story and since my understanding of Japanese writing is weak, I only understand partially of the whole thing..

So I chose Free Play mode and chose Nagato as my char while I placed Asakura and Haruhi as my enemies.. Each character has his/her own heavy attack.. When their 'SOS' bar is at 50% or more, he/she can activate his/her own special attack on the enemy..

Another interesting about this game is that there is this special orb that drops from the "?" box.. If your character collects this orb, the character will transform into costume mode.. In this particular mode, your super attack is change to a new one and deal a greater damage..

Now I will show you the newest one the Souvenir Circ. has made..

This new game is called "Suzumiya Haruhi Gekitou".. Although the gameplay is all the same, the interface however has gone through a total makeover..

In the game startup screen, instead of Suzumiya Haruhi, Kyon's little sister took over her position..

In the main menu, there are 2 new options to choose from.. The first one will be the Mission mode.. You have to complete a certain objective to get equips for your characters..

These unlocked equips will be shown in the Status option.. In here, you can mix and match any equips on your character.. However, each equipment has a special effect on the character such as wearing a Top HAt allows your character 'SOS' bar to regen slowly..

Other than that, there are 3 new characters added into the game; Kyon's little sister & Konata and Akira from "Lucky Star"..

THere is also 2 new maps added into the game.. With equips and new characters to play, the game's mayhem is getting very interesting to play for hours....

I was somewhat lucky to get this game since Kadokawa Shoten Co. Ltd. decides to ban all doujin-related things about Suzumiya Haruhi..

So if you can somehow beg to someone who lives in Japan, visited the Comiket and bought this game, then good for you.. If you seriously think that this game sucks, you are totally wrong..

So have fun playing this game!!


  1. Looks like a great game! I wonder if there's a way for me to get it..

    Please, oh PLEASE, Malaysian piracy, DO YOUR THING! (lol)

  2. @ mizunaga: I don't think Malaysian piracy touch on doujin games..

    But there is still the ehemm.. Torrentz.. ehemm..

  3. Actually, I managed to find pirated CD of doujin game, "Melty Blood ReAct" ^^; A friend also bought FATAL/FAKE. (Fate/Stay night doujin game)

    Have already gotten my Gekitou through.. ehemm.. torrentz.. ehemm..

  4. @ mizunaga: Wow.. I was searching high and low for FATAL/FATE without illegal means..

    Well, on to using the "blue frog"..


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