27 March 2008

Asahina Mikuru & Tsuruya Figures

Max Factory has done us proud again.. They have released some preview shots of Mikuru in her Cultural Festival uniform..

Just look at her. She is so wonderfully crafted! Amazing details, especially the dress. Even her ribbon are so nice. She can easily make anybody fall in love with her ( maybe even drool just looking at her )..

Rear view of the figurine..

Close-up on her face.. So moe!!

But only one other character can challenge that; Tsuruya-san..

Tsuruya-san with cat ears and tail attached.. Totally awesome..

A close-up on Tsuruya's face.. So kawaii!!

The good thing is, if you get both Tsuruya and Mikuru Cultural Festival Ver., they will both look nice together.. Well, looking at this pic makes me want to buy both of them..

Tsuruya figurine is already released on February '08 while Mikuru ver. will be out in July '08.. Each cost about 5800 yen which is about SGD$80.. So total both up and I would need about at least SGD$160.. Well, from now till July I'm gonna save up to maybe buy those 2 figurines..

Though I wonder if I should buy gundam first?


  1. I still confused whether i should get the new MF Mikuru???!!!

    I already got the old one.. haha.. don't know should get a second figure of the same character or not :P

    btw, added you to my blogroll.. mind to add me to yours? :)

  2. @ prim3: Maybe you should.. You can put her together with Tsuruya and they will look perfect..

    Plus Mikuru in her Cultural Festival uniform looks so moe!!

    Sure, I will add you to my blogroll too..

  3. being a huge mikuru fanboy that i am, i have very high standards when it come to mikuru figures. so far i only have freing 1/4 mikuru in bunny outfit which passed my test.

    this MF version looks ok but somehow still not there yet. the alter one looks better. ^^;

  4. @ gordon: Its alright.. But since the MF Mikuru has the same costume with Tsuruya, I think they will look nice together..

    At least Tsuruya won't be lonely anymore.. :)


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