29 March 2008

They Are My Noble Master Ep10

The reason why Shinra is so cold towards Yume is finally revealed.. The truth is revealed to both me and Ren..

Sorry, this is just Yume's dream..

Yume decides to get a grip on herself and asks Shinra directly why she doesn´t show affection towards her. Looks like Yume said something bad to her after their parents funeral and she overreacted to it.

But because Yume can´t remember what she said, Shinra turns down her feelings until her memory comes back.

Yume disappears when Natose brings dinner to her room and makes everyone, especially Natose, worried.

While the rest went to find Yume, Ren stayed behind and persuades Shinra to stop with such trivial matters and told her than Yumi needs her more than Shinra knows..

Natose founds her and is able to encourage her to remember what she did.. Natose also told Ren about her past; After her home island was destroyed by tsunami leaving her the sole survivor of her family, she found her reason to live on Yume.

Although Natose made some mistakes when she started of as a butler, Yume´s smile made her happy so she was able to continue and because of that, she she wants to protect it.

Later on, Yume remembered what happened between her and Shinra-san; After Kuonji sisters lost their parents to an accident, Shinra was only one who didn´t cry.

Yume was horrified because of it and she felt like she also lost her sister. She yelled at Shinra that she´s just like a robot.

But the truth was that Shinra wanted to cry too, but she couldn´t because she had to be dependable big sister now when their parents were gone... Shinra felt hurt by Yume´s words and started to give her cold-shoulder...

At the end of the episode Shinra apologizes for letting such trivial thing linger on and their relationship gets better.

Finally, the problem of Yume being ignored by Shinra is finally solved. And the reason for Natose.. But I feel like Natose wearing that eyepatch makes her very mature.. Gd job!!


  1. Hmm.. I dunno.. The past few episodes of this series hasn't been too good.. Will keep watching though. Maybe shows where each episode tells a different story isn't really for me ^^;

  2. The eroge had a better storyline. They were basing this off the eroge and took out all the ero parts, so they used their own parodies instead. However their parodies are all explained and not as blatant and as many as Hayate no Gotoku's.

    The seiyuu all make it worth watching for me as well as the ecchi.

  3. @ mizunaga: Don't be disheartened, there is still 2 more episodes to go.. Maybe they will be better than the previous episodes..

    @ panther: Maybe they just wanted to make it for the masses.. Who knows, maybe we will see more ecchi scenes in the last 2 episodes?

  4. Sad that only the series is only 13 episodes long. The raw for 13 was out some time ago already, so just waiting for AniYoshi to finish on 12 and 13.


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