18 March 2008

Clannad Ep21

Nagisa is making a lot of progress, on the play for the Theater Club, with the support of everyone.

When Nagisa and Tomoya return home, Akio is there to greet them and shows them a video of a theatrical play, to watch as a reference.

The funny part is that Nagisa have not seen a play before in her life, much to the shock of Tomoya since everyone know that Nagisa is the president of the Theatre Club..

Thats gonna leave a mark..

The next day at the club, everyone is discussing what music to use. Rie and her choir group drop by to give their opinion.

Then came along Tomoyo Sakagami.. As head of the student council, she came to take a look at the progress of the Theatre Club..

She congratulates Nagisa on making this far to making a play for the school festival..

On the next day, Nagisa was so concentrated on her script, she didn't take notice about her surrounding.. Even Tomoya tried to test her by saying that she looks Kawaii but fail..

He even have to guide her to avoid hitting the lamppost..

In school, the group were doing their rehearsal.. Nagisa told everyone that she felt nervous of doing the play.. Pretty good reason since she recently seen the play on tv and she would be the only one facing the audience on the day itself..

Sunohara, being a joker tries to help calm her down by telling her to imagine that the human race survival against the alien depends on her play..

If she does it right, the alien won't attack.. But if it didn't work out..

With everything from practices to the rehearsal moving along smoothly, Nagisa and everyone else are clearly aiming to make this play a success.

However, it was not as it seems as Nagisa later found out about her parent's past in the picture books left in the shed.. She was there to look for batteries for her torchlight..

Tomoya, who couldn't sleep, saw her looking at the pictures.. He told Nagisa to focus more about the play and to go back to sleep while he gathers all the pictures on the floor..

Akio-san, who heard the ruckus, went to the room and saw the whole thing.. He then blamed himself for not hiding the books properly and also told Tomoya that this isn't a good time for her to find the truth about them..

Well, it's sad to see Nagisa found out the truth about her parents.. She should have found out about it earlier since she has a play to do.. But truth really hurts no doubt.. But with Tomoya there, he might able to snap her out of it in the next episode judging by the trailer..

Oh yes.. Tomoyo Sakagami and Sunohara looks more mature than in the earlier part of the series.. Sunohara still have some comic relief but he gave a helping to set up the stage and stuff..

Tomoya on the other hand, being an underclassman is more like a senior to Tomoya and his group.. She told Nagisa how lucky she is to be chosen by Tomoya.. This (1) gave some kind of closure for the other girls' feeling towards Tomoya. The very fact that they are still happily helping out Nagisa for the theater club proves it.

And wearing the glasses, she looks so cool.. Well, I will wait for the last episode of the series to catch the end result.. It's sad to see Clannad ending already..



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