02 March 2008

H2O ~ Footpirnts In The Sand ~ Ep9

Love is in the air for this episode of H2O..

Takuma Hirose was told by his uncle that the Summer Festival is coming, having see so many bells strung outside houses and on lamp posts... His uncle also explain about Hirose's parents having the special bell during the festival.. This reminded him about his mother long ago..

When he was going to school with Hayami and Hotaru, both girls were shocked to see the bell.. Being shy, they walked away back home, without Hirose knowing why they did that..

Even Yui was smitten by Hirose when she saw the bell he was carrying on his bag..

Yui's attempt to get Hirose's attention works..

Anyway, Hamaji and Rin in the end told Hirose about what the bell is all about.. They told him that the bell symbolize a token of love to the receiver and she must visit him on the hill before the start of the Summer Festival..

Hirose, finally know what's the use of the bell, decided to tell Hotaru and Hayami, but they refused to listen to him for awhile.. He even broke the string that was attached to the bell.. Hayami took the bell in order to fix it for him..

During on of the nights, Hotaru decided to pay a visit to Hayami at the small pond where she bathe.. However her visit was cut short after a fire burned down Hayami's home..

Someone just think that Hayami needs a better home by doing it the hard way..

Having no place to stay, Hirose's uncle decided to let her stay at his house.. Even Hirose agreed to him..

Having to "tsukkomi" alot of people in the last episode, I think he deserve to be punched for peeking at Hayami..

Hayami asked Hirose about his mother.. Feeling that she might be a busybody, he didn't want to tell her.. But Hayami eagerness to let hime tell her so that she can help him finally allows himself to reveal his mother's past..

Hayami, thinking that she upsetted Hirose, decided to seek Hotaru's advice.. Hotaru on the other hand told Hayami that Hirose wasn't upset but grateful to her.. She also told Hayami that Hirose will be waiting for her at the hill..

She ran to the hill as quickly as she could.. When she reached there, she wanted to give back the bell that she fixed earlier on but he declined.. Instead he offered the bell to her as a token of love..

This is so lovely, although a low probability of it happening to anyone in real life but everyone only can fantasize about it..

I find this episode quite touching, having Hirose admitting that he loved Hayami.. I wonder how Yui-chan might feel though.. She misunderstood Hirose bringing the bell to school..


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