31 March 2008

Johnnie Walker "Join The Pact" Event at Padang

Me, Amirul and Benji got a last minute job at the Padang about some F1 event held there.. We reached there at about 1pm on the dot after eating breakfast at Funan IT Mall..

It was cloudy when we were there but it started to rain heavily about 15mins or so..

At least the HQ tent is near the big tent that houses the Vodafone Mclaren Mercedez F1 car...

Our job is to actually give out ear plugs to the public but since it was raining just now, we were told to clear away the away on the chairs.. I was given 2 pieces of cloth to wipe all the water away..

So now I give you the tour of the event area.. Firstly, we've got the so many toilet cubicles for the public.. They weren't taking any chances with nature's call..

Then there is the Hospitality tent.. This is where Mika Hakkinen gave his speech to the press and also where all the VIP go to to have a drink..

The 2 tents on the left are the HQ and the First Aid station respectively.. And the bigger tent on the right is the F1 car resting station..

Being on this job has it's perks even though I sweat alot due to the hot sunny day..

Firstly the event starts off with the Police Force Band playing music from the Old Parliament building all the way till the end of Stamford road..

Same thing in Potrait version..

The best of the event arrived as the Vodafone Mclaren Mercedez F1 car went on the road to show some of its super speed and ultra loud sound.. That is why we were needed to give out ear plugs..

Hey join the club people!! We must take some shots of the car..

The closest picture of the F1 car I could get but it was too fast that the car was slightly blur..
Try not wearing ear plugs when this car passed by..

These are my 2 comrades, Amirul and Benji..

Anyway enjoy these pics..

This is a clearer picture of the car when it passes by very quick..

The screen at the back for the public too watch, but they prefer to stand beside the road to catch the action close-up.. And of course to go deaf too..

This was when I was returning back to my post, the F1 car going back to the big tent for check-ups after a drive along Stamford Rd..

Another pic of the car whizzing past the audience quickly..

This is my favourite shot; the F1 car doing a burnout before speeding away to the other end of the Stamford Rd.. Totally awesome!!

The event ended around 7pm+.. The job was more than I've expected.. Gd job, gd view and gd pay..

Now I would like to present the video I took at the event itself.. Totally about the F1 car itslef, u close and personal.. Sorry about the quality since i took it using my K630i Sony Ericsson phone..

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29 March 2008

They Are My Noble Master Ep10

The reason why Shinra is so cold towards Yume is finally revealed.. The truth is revealed to both me and Ren..

Sorry, this is just Yume's dream..

Yume decides to get a grip on herself and asks Shinra directly why she doesn´t show affection towards her. Looks like Yume said something bad to her after their parents funeral and she overreacted to it.

But because Yume can´t remember what she said, Shinra turns down her feelings until her memory comes back.

Yume disappears when Natose brings dinner to her room and makes everyone, especially Natose, worried.

While the rest went to find Yume, Ren stayed behind and persuades Shinra to stop with such trivial matters and told her than Yumi needs her more than Shinra knows..

Natose founds her and is able to encourage her to remember what she did.. Natose also told Ren about her past; After her home island was destroyed by tsunami leaving her the sole survivor of her family, she found her reason to live on Yume.

Although Natose made some mistakes when she started of as a butler, Yume´s smile made her happy so she was able to continue and because of that, she she wants to protect it.

Later on, Yume remembered what happened between her and Shinra-san; After Kuonji sisters lost their parents to an accident, Shinra was only one who didn´t cry.

Yume was horrified because of it and she felt like she also lost her sister. She yelled at Shinra that she´s just like a robot.

But the truth was that Shinra wanted to cry too, but she couldn´t because she had to be dependable big sister now when their parents were gone... Shinra felt hurt by Yume´s words and started to give her cold-shoulder...

At the end of the episode Shinra apologizes for letting such trivial thing linger on and their relationship gets better.

Finally, the problem of Yume being ignored by Shinra is finally solved. And the reason for Natose.. But I feel like Natose wearing that eyepatch makes her very mature.. Gd job!!

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28 March 2008

Annual Gundam Cleaning Day..

Since I have nothing better to do today, I walked around my room deciding on what to keep myself busy.. I then saw my gundams on top on my shelves and an idea pops up..

I've decided to make this day the annual Gundam Cleaning Day.. Well not exactly on this month and day but still this day is always a day where my gundams can get a good polish..

So I began cleaning on my Strike Freedom.. He wasn't too keen on becoming my first subject.. So I pulled them out so that he can't escape by flying..

So I have Impulse Gundam do my bidding by pulling out Strike's head so that I can clean the whole suit properly..

After 15mins of wiping here and there, Strike looks brand new..

I look spanking new..

Well, thanks for the help Impulse, but now it's your turn..

While I was cleaning Strike and Impulse, Infinite Justice and Sword Impulse got tired of waiting so they have a little showdown..
Bow down to me you ****ing noob..

Well, I did tell them to lower their noise, but knowing those robots having no volume adjuster, I just leave them be..

So after Strike and Impulse were done, it was Sword Impulse and Infinite Justice turn.. While they were being polished by me, Impulse and Strike were sparring with each other to kill time..

With all of them looking clean and dust-free, they were put back to the shelf again.. Well, an annual event has ended.. Though I'm thinking of buying a glass rack where I can put all my gundams and maybe figurines in..

P.S.: Sorry about the pics lousy quality, they were taken using my K630i handphone..

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27 March 2008

Asahina Mikuru & Tsuruya Figures

Max Factory has done us proud again.. They have released some preview shots of Mikuru in her Cultural Festival uniform..

Just look at her. She is so wonderfully crafted! Amazing details, especially the dress. Even her ribbon are so nice. She can easily make anybody fall in love with her ( maybe even drool just looking at her )..

Rear view of the figurine..

Close-up on her face.. So moe!!

But only one other character can challenge that; Tsuruya-san..

Tsuruya-san with cat ears and tail attached.. Totally awesome..

A close-up on Tsuruya's face.. So kawaii!!

The good thing is, if you get both Tsuruya and Mikuru Cultural Festival Ver., they will both look nice together.. Well, looking at this pic makes me want to buy both of them..

Tsuruya figurine is already released on February '08 while Mikuru ver. will be out in July '08.. Each cost about 5800 yen which is about SGD$80.. So total both up and I would need about at least SGD$160.. Well, from now till July I'm gonna save up to maybe buy those 2 figurines..

Though I wonder if I should buy gundam first?

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26 March 2008

Suzumiya Haruhi Doujin Game

I would like to introduce to you a game I tried out during my few days at home.. Well, let's go back to it's predecessor first to know about it's gameplay..

The game is called, "Suzumiya Haruhi Chourantou".. It is a doujin game made by Souvenir Circ..

So the game starts in the loading screen, showing Haruhi with a speech bubble about the company's name and whatsoever..

Then there are 2 modes to play in this game; Story mode and Free Play mode.. In Free Play mode, you get to select from 7 characters.. They are Kyon, Haruhi, Koizumi, Mikuru, Nagato, Asakura and Tsuruya...

In Story mode, you get to play only Kyon's story and since my understanding of Japanese writing is weak, I only understand partially of the whole thing..

So I chose Free Play mode and chose Nagato as my char while I placed Asakura and Haruhi as my enemies.. Each character has his/her own heavy attack.. When their 'SOS' bar is at 50% or more, he/she can activate his/her own special attack on the enemy..

Another interesting about this game is that there is this special orb that drops from the "?" box.. If your character collects this orb, the character will transform into costume mode.. In this particular mode, your super attack is change to a new one and deal a greater damage..

Now I will show you the newest one the Souvenir Circ. has made..

This new game is called "Suzumiya Haruhi Gekitou".. Although the gameplay is all the same, the interface however has gone through a total makeover..

In the game startup screen, instead of Suzumiya Haruhi, Kyon's little sister took over her position..

In the main menu, there are 2 new options to choose from.. The first one will be the Mission mode.. You have to complete a certain objective to get equips for your characters..

These unlocked equips will be shown in the Status option.. In here, you can mix and match any equips on your character.. However, each equipment has a special effect on the character such as wearing a Top HAt allows your character 'SOS' bar to regen slowly..

Other than that, there are 3 new characters added into the game; Kyon's little sister & Konata and Akira from "Lucky Star"..

THere is also 2 new maps added into the game.. With equips and new characters to play, the game's mayhem is getting very interesting to play for hours....

I was somewhat lucky to get this game since Kadokawa Shoten Co. Ltd. decides to ban all doujin-related things about Suzumiya Haruhi..

So if you can somehow beg to someone who lives in Japan, visited the Comiket and bought this game, then good for you.. If you seriously think that this game sucks, you are totally wrong..

So have fun playing this game!!

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