01 February 2008

Connection problem with Asda Story

I've finally completed my Internetworking Exam today, ending my class's 2-weeks torture of studying for the exam..

Finally I can see this list for the last time and throw... sell my papers that I'm not using to the karang guni man..

Being in the happy mood, I thought of playing Asda Story to make myself happy.. But, some lousy problem pop up and shattered my mood..

It seems that me and my brother, Infestor51 can't connect to the game server.. What a sad way to start my holiday..

So I start searching on the internet to look for any reports that might cause the problem.. Me and my bro spotted one that is quite recent..

This is what the report said..

Click here for the report.

Well, whatever it is, I'm not satisfied with the report.. The reason is that my friend can play Asda Story which is like... WTH!!

Well, I'm not a person that can be heartbroken by just an unplayable game.. I have so many freaking game on my computer to keep me happy..

I hope the Admins for Asda Story can fix this problem.. Or else I will look elsewhere for online games..


  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    i got the same problem =( ...
    did u found a way to solve it?
    I would appreciate it if you could send me
    an e-mail then =)


  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    omg me too its pissing me off tho heres the thing every time im in a fight it dc's me and when i get back on for the few seconds i have im dead and have to revive myself to a town about 9999999 miles away.....yes i need a way out of this shit ass mess


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