22 February 2008

Youth Olympic Games Result Show

My friend msged me saying that he found some job at the 'Padang'.. Thinking of what it could be, I asked him what it was..

After telling us about the Youth Olympic Game ( YOG ) Result show being ushers, I and some of my friends decided to help out since SGD$40 in 4 hours is an excellent pay..
Next day, met with them at City Hall MRT station.. Walked to the 'Padang', we met with Chilli's 'boss'..

He brought us to the usher waiting room.. Then an IC took over him, briefing us about what our job will totally be and showed us the position we must be during the show..

We went to our individual spot where we just stand there and guide the guest and the public to their seats.. Other than that we just watch the show involving Jurong Junior College ( JJC )..

The show began at 5pm+ but the result was shown live at about 7pm+.. After waiting for so long, the International Olympic Committee (IOC ) president awarded the country to host the YOG to Singapore..

Being a staff for awhile seems fun.. Hope I can even get a job at the YOG at 2010 too..

After the show ended, there was an after-event party.. It lasted for 1 hour.. At this time, my job is done since most of the guest have left the area..

Being a winner to host the YOG, they sure have alot of money to throw alot of confetti onto the crowds which later ended up on the streets.. So much rubbish..

The party continued on and on..

But we went back in near the end of the party.. We were waiting in the room to get our pay..
Getting our pay, we left for dinner at Funan IT Mall.. When we left the area, it was pretty much empty..

Let's hope that me and my friends get to have a job in the YOG.. And hope Singapore will make us proud when the country host it in 2010..


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