24 February 2008

H2O ~ Footprints in the Sand ~ Ep8

I watched H2O ~ Footprints in the Sand ~ episode 8 this week and I can tell you that this is one crazy random episode..

Firstly, Hotaru and Hayami who were Takuma's close friend suddenly ended up as his sisters.. They also turn to 'chibis'..

Problem is, Takuma is the only person who didn't know that this really happen..

Because of this, his 'sisters' became sad and cried till their 'mama' which is actually Takuma's uncle, came and scolded him..

This is just soo wrong...

Fearing of further scolding by his 'mama', Takuma headed for school where a new transfer student came to class..

She is Otoha who is actually a spirit helper for Takuma... However, this was not to be as everyone can see her and she suddenly admits that she is Takuma's fiancee..

So she get to sit on Takuma's lap in class which is like totally awesome since even the class congratulate both of them..

Wow, wish it really happens in school..

More weird stuffs happen when the students and teacher of the class were turned to chibi farmers.. They look like characters from Harvest Moon..

As if it’s not ridiculous enough. Otoha requires Takuma to *'tsukkomi' people in order to collect enough energy to henshin. So Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha ( Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha )..

*A typical tsukkomi often slaps the boke on the back of the head, an action always accompanied by an intentionally cheesy slapping sound effect.

There is also the Hatsune Miku parody in the show.. Go Yui-chan..

Leek are so L33T..

Anyways, it all turns out to be Otoha’s own dream world, where she intends to enjoy herself for a last few moments as she’ll be disappearing soon as her duty is done already. She bids Takuma a teary farewell, after wishing him the best...

This is probably one of the best episode in the show.. Though I'm saddened that Otoha has got to go.. But the randomness is totally excellent..


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