29 February 2008

They Are My Noble Master Ep7

This episode is an interesting one.. But not as funny as episode 6 where there are so many random stuff..

Well, the usual thing still happens at the mansion.. Like Shinra-sama grab hold of Ren while she is still sleeping.. And Benisu glaring at him at the door of the room..

Well, jealousy leads to torture as she gave Ren a very tiny breakfast.. Even smaller than a McDonald Happy Meal..

More like breadcrumbs..

Things starts to go a bit hectic when Natose, head of security, sensed a presence of intruders...
More like an invasion..

However, it was not as it seems as it was just Yume's friend, Ageha Kuki who visited the family..
Talk about having a grand entrance..

Anyway, this is not an ordinary visit.. She went to the Kuonji's household to seek their permission to stay in their house.. Reason is her butler Kojūrō met with an accident and had to stay at the hospital for about 3 months according to the Colonel..

Well, she asked the family only after she did a room makeover for herself..

Even my room isn't this perfect..

What kind of accident who might ask? Well, it happens on their training at the waterfall.. More like doing some defensive skill..
Feels like Dragonball Z..

As expected, Ageha-san somewhat "bribed" them with gifts so that she can stay in their house.. Especially Shira-san who is the owner of the mansion.. Shinra-san's weakness is just cuteness which Ageha showed her with 3 pandas..

Ren however, was asked by Ageha to be her butler.. Seeing that he can serve anyone, he endured her punishment to make her a perfect tea..

The reason for Ageha's stay is also shown as there are assasins who are out to get her..
Looks like Splinter Cell 'co-op' mode..

But they couldn't enter because of Natose's defence aura.. She's totally cool when she is guarding the mansion..

Ageha however, can also snese the assasins' presence and decided to go kick their asses.. Although she did beat them, she was somewhat saved by Ren when one of the assasins tried to use a blowdart on her..

So for trying his best to protect her, Ageha gave Ren a first kiss..
Well.. That went pretty well..

With Kojūrō still in hospital, Ageha will still stay at the mansion until he comes back in the next episode.. I wish to see more random stuff happening at the Kuonji's household..


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