04 February 2008

Dark & Creepy Girls of 2007

Today, I'm given the honour to show anyone reading this entry the 3 famous girls in the online community for..


I don't mean the nice, sweet & pretty girls most boys fascinated with, but 3 drawn or animated characters that shocked the online communities or awed by what they are..
The 3 girls are Emily the Strange, Enma Ai from 'Jigoku Shoujo' & Alma Wade from the 'F.E.A.R.' game..

Let's begin with..

Emily the Strange

Shes one of the famous fashion item almost everyone wants.. When I saw her, I thought she was a new anime character or whatsoever..

But I knew she was not to be when a lot of accessories and items of her were widely sold in many of the shops in Singapore..

Examples are the Zippo lighter..

And Key-Chain.. These 2 pictures are taken from the website; www.emilystrange.com

She is also made as a blog skin and even comics are popping up in America.. In wiki, a report is saying that a live-action and animated film is being planned and the announcement will be made soon..

Next up we have Enma Ai from

Jigoku Shoujo

She's the main character of the show.. Her task of fulfilling other people's vengeance and ferrying people to Hell is her punishment, a task which she has performed for the better part of 400 years..

It is done as atonement for killing the whole village which the villagers buried her alive as mean of sacrifice...

Other than her, she also have her own people under her; Wanyūdō, Ren Ichimoku & Hone Onna.

Well, how did she and her team send people to hell??

She does that by giving out one puppet which is actually one of her assistants to the person who want to send their enemy to hell.
She then tells them that if they want their vengeance to be delivered, they must remove the string from the doll, and their enemies will be immediately taken to Hell.

Well, talking isn't as much fun as watching it.. So I recommend you all to watch this anime; both season 1 and 2..

Last but not least we have the darkest, the creepiest girl of all..

Alma Wade

Aww.. Isn't she cute??

She is from F.E.A.R. game which was back then the most anticipated game and interesting game to play too..

She is actually a apparition made by the original her somewhere in the facility, appearing as a little eight year old girl wearing a red dress and has a disturbingly blank, mask-like face almost completely obscured by long black hair..

Don't let the game fool you as just a normal FPS game.. With her around, you probably think tis is much similar to Resident Evil..

But it is not.. Let me put this way:

1) The sound is damn creepy, worst than Resident Evil..

2) Even with super-duper guns, you can't possibly defeat Alma with a few hits like killing a boss with noob weapons in Resident Evil..

3) Your enemy in Resident Evil is alot of annoying moaning zombies.. In F.E.A.R. , the real enemy is Alma herself.. ( Well, using slow-mo to pwned the normal soldiers, they seem useless.. )

4) Alma is freaking everywhere in the game.. You won't expect her to appear at the most critical time.. And if she gets you, she will 1-hit kill you..

I told you so didn't I,but NOOO... You wouldn't listen would you?

For more pictures of her spot-on locations, visit here..

If she doesn't scare you, then maybe you have been watching too much of Elfen Lied..

There you go people, the 3 dark & creepy girls of 2007.. Hope you go google the names and visit their wikis..


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