28 February 2008

Gundam 00 Ep20

Finally Gundam 00 is shifting to a new frontier..

While some topics are finally revealed, some new topics have appeared.. One topic that is finally revealed is about Louise's hand.. I was wondering since their technology are very high-tech, surely they can regrow her hand or something..

One of the nurse at the hospital told Saji that her hand can't be grown back with stem cells because...

Newer topics that have been revealed are the mentions of GN Arms by the crew of the Ptolemaeus.. By some pictures shown by forums, it looks like a METEOR unit in Gundam Seed..

Next will be the scene where Saji's sister, Kinue was seen brutally injured in the chest and reaching out for her wallet containing a picture of her, her father and Saji.

This is just sad to watch..

She was critically injured by Ali al-Sarshes, the mercenery who is an insane antagonist. He is seriously whacked out..

Then the green haired follower is revealed to have the same ability as Virtues pilot, Tieria Arde.. His name is now finally revealed as..

3rd, we get to see the Trinity Gundams doing their normal job of eradicating a military base owned by Human Reform League ( HRL )..

Looks totally evil..

They are in a rude shock when the HRL got their own version of Gundams.. The Curse Gundams..

Looks way cooler than the Celestial Beings version.

They kicked the Trinity Gundams' ass pretty well.. Too well till the Trinity Gundams were forced to retreat..


Now the series is getting better.. It's now between Gundams.. Even Sumeragi-san said so..

Another thing that is on most people's mind is Wang Liu Mei who now seem as an evil woman... She made a deal with the Trinity and she was walking away smiling..

This is what she said:
"Yes, if it (the world) doesn't change soon, I would rather see it destroyed" With an evil smile.

Lastly, it's revealed that the main control room of Veda is located at the moon.. Livonze Almark brought his boss there ( Don't know his name ) using their own mothership..

Now Gundam 00 is going on the right track.. It's going to become an intense and also interesting show..

Also in the preview of episode 21, we see Gundam Exia floating in space, similar to Kira Yamato Strike Gundam in Gundam Seed.. 4 more episodes till the end of season 1..


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