11 February 2008

Trip to Malacca '08

Well, sitting at home wasn't my forte.. And playing computer games just isn't good for my health.. This result in my parents wanting the whole family to go to Malacca for a nice good trip..

It's not really my family only.. My father roped in my uncle, Mr Malek and his family to join our trip..

We set off on Thursday, 7th February 08.. Passing through both the Singapore and Malaysian checkpoint with ease, our luck change when we were stuck in a traffic jam about 90km off Singapore..

We saw an 4 cars involved in an accident which caused the jam.. However, this does not stop some 'smart-alec' who used the road shoulder as an extra lane..

After being stuck in the traffic jam for about 20mins and continuing on, we arrived at Malacca Town near 2pm+... We visited Mdm Mimah's home which was near coastal area...

The view from her house is spectacular...

The building at the centre of the picture is our hotel; Everly Resort..

So after some visiting, we decided to roam around the area.. We stopped by the road to buy some goreng pisang, Malaysian style..

At night, we shopped at Tesco near Mdm Mimah's area.. Took about 5mins to reach there.. The shopping centre is almost similar to Carrefour or Giant located in Johor..

After our first day of shopping, we head of to have our first holiday seafood dinner at... I've forgotten the name of the place..

The only thing I remember is that the otak-otak (brain-brain; minced fish meat wrapped in banana leaf and barbequed ) is very delicious, even better than those in Singapore.. It's spicy too..

The next day, the whole family visit Melaka Sentral, almost similar to KL Sentral..

We saw an old fastfood restaurant that used to have some outlets in Singapore.. A&W, mostly thought not exist by some Singaporeans does thrive in Malaysia.. You just have to look around in strange places to find them..

We did not go to Melaka Sentral to eat A&W for breakfast, we came there to eat the famous Asam Pedas.. Even finding some seats for the whole family is tough to begin with.. It has the best Asam Fish anyone could ever taste..

After having breakfast, we drove to Bandar Hilir where the A'Famosa fort is located..

We parked our cars at the newest shopping centre in Malacca,

Dataran Pahlawan

Bigger than Mahkota Parade, it splits up to 3 diferent sections; the food district, the heritage district and the shopping district..

The heritage district is where you can buy some of the antiques and even T-shirts of Malacca in the nice cool air-conditioned area..

I bought some clothes of Malacca from this shop; Noraziv Enterprise.. This is not the picture of A'Famosa or some old-school T-shirts I'm talking about.. The shirts now have a new modern look and I can even wear it in the streets or Orchard Road without being the odd-one out..

The good thing of being in Dataran Pahlawan is that it is built beside the old fort of A'Famosa..

So many histories, so many stories to be told..

I just don't like people to block my shots.. Better just flick them of the picture..

The famous fort entrance.. With the shopping centre beside it, no wonder there are so many people taking a visit into the fort..

We came back when it was about night-time..

Next day, it was still morning and the great scenery still amaze me..

Whats the irony of going on holiday when we even bring along our laptop.. I prefer to call them break time entertainment..

3rd day of our holiday and we started our day by eating breakfast here..

The Sri Tanjung Landscape shop, now with an eatery..

The place is small yet beautiful.. It's located just near our hotel..

With plants so beautiful that we felt like we are eating at Botanical Gardens..

This eatery sells a variety of food, ranging from Chappatis to Nasi Lemak.. Both of them are very delicious and very appetising..

So for the 3rd day's trip, we set off for Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia..

Famous for it's Petronas Twin Tower; used to be the tallest building in the world..

We arrived at Masjid India area.. It's a common bazaar location even my grandfather used to come..

It's famous for Batiks, shirts, Lekor ( Minced fish meat rolled into a cylinder shape and deep-fried ) and much more..

The place also have Mydin, so much like a smaller version of Mustafa Centre in Singapore..

We also shopped at the nearest shopping centre; SOGO..

After some good-old shopping, we visited Mr Malek's uncle who lived at KL..

A small kampung house.. So nostalgic.. We stayed at his house till about 7pm+

We then drove back to Malacca to call it a day.. Reached at about 11pm.. But we took a detour and ate supper at a small eatery.. We ate some Ramli Burgers before heading back to our hotel..

On our last day of holiday, we were joined by my 2 more uncles who were also in the area.. We have breakfast at the same location, Sri Tanjung Landscape..

Eating Nasi Lemak as per usual..

This is the uncle who made the delicious Chappati.. He became like a part-time celebrity with my family.. Even my father took a picture with him..

After having a nice breakfast, we set off back to Singapore to end our holiday.. Although its just 3 days, it's quite fun and entertaining..

I hope to visit Malaysia soon.. Maybe Langkawi perhaps??


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