18 February 2008

About Shigofumi

Alot of people keep asking me what is Shigofumi is all about. Well, I'm gonna give you the synopsis of the show and what is so interesting about it yet..

For starters, Shigofumi is one of the few new animes coming out in Japan. Shigofumi comes from the combination of the Japanese words for "after death" (死後, shigo), and "letter" (文, fumi), which literally translates to an "after death letter".

The main character of the series is Fumika.. She is one of the mail carriers sending shigofumi around parts of the world, but in this anime it is focused totally in Japan..

These shigofumi are letters written by those who have recently died, and it is Fumika's job to deliver the letters to whoever the dead wanted them to go to..

With her is her artificial intelligence staff named Kanaka..

The function of the staff is meant to aid the shigofumi mail carrier by keeping track of senders, receivers, the delivery area, and supplementing other usual tasks.

Anyway, what is so nice about Shigofumi?

The first reason is that Fumika have an awesome gun.. She like to use it to threaten the people who interfere is her duties..

This is no ordinary gun she carries.. It looked more like a souped-up version of the magnum gun with gold-coloured imprints on it..

Most people thought that she was too serious in her job.. Showing no emotions and whatsoever.. But in episode 5, her 'soft side' is shown as she lost her composure when she's near cats..

Second reason of liking this anime is that the Kanaka isn't just an ordinary staff.. Fumika can give a number code to Kanaka to do some useful transformation..

Up till episode 5, Fumika gave 2 type of number codes to Kanaka.. First one being 0609 being able to..

Change Kanaka to an angel wing, providing air capability..

The next code is 0913 which allows Fumika to become invisible..

However, different mail carriers have different code numbers for both functions.. Especially known is Fumika's friend, Chiaki who used a different number code to transform her staff into angle wing..

Last but not least, what I like about the series is that the opening theme; "Kotodama" (コトダマ, "Kotodama" or "Power of Language") is performed by Ali Project..

Ali Project is famous for singing for another anime series, .Hack//Roots, more famous in the game trilogy; .Hack GU..

So, I recommend everyone to catch this anime.. Since the show at this date is still at episode 5, i give it 9/10..


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