26 February 2008

Shigofumi Ep7

In this episode of Shigofumi, it begins as Miss Kasai Haruno, oneesan of Kasai Natsuka; a friend of the 'human' Fumika, gets a project to do an article about Mikawa Kirameki..

Then we get to see the shigofumi mailman's world partly in the big field filled with staves.. This is where they show Chiaki stabs her staff, Matoma into the ground and Matoma somewhat recharges himself..

Speaking of the 'human' Fumika, this episode tells about 2 different Fumikas.. The shigofumi mailman Fumika reveals to Kanaka that she is the other half of the 'human' Fumika..

So Miss Haruno went to Mikawa Kirameki's home which is a glass house.. Also known as "A forever leading silver road", Miss Haruno went there..

'E-' on architecture.. Totally ugly..

Najima Kaname, a friend of Kasai Natsuka and also a friend of the 'human' Fumika, wanted to pay a visit to Mikawa Kirameki too.. So he asked Natsuka to follow him there..

This is where it gets weird.. Mikawa suddenly acts like a small kid when theres a 'sun showers'.. He ran around playing in the rain and even ask Miss Kasai to join him.. Very very creepy of him..

Anyway while Natsuki & Kaname were on their way to the glass house, the shigofumi mailman Fumika visited Mikawa to send him a shigofumi from an addresser..

It was revealed that Fumika is his daughter.. After Mikawa read the letter, he went out for awhile before returning with a lighter, wanting to burn the letter...

Being angry for having no feelings about the addresser, Fumika took out her gun and pointed it at Mikawa, .. Then Fumika also said that he has daughters he left behind..

So this means that either there's two Fumikas or there is 1 Fumika whereas her spirit became the shigofumi mailman..

Kaname who just came in, pushed the gun out of Fumika's hand, thinking that she will shoot at Mikawa.. ( Idiot.. ) While he got pushed back, Mikawa somehow took the gun and shot Fumika..

Kanaka then calls out Fumika's name and thats it.. The preview for episode 8 shows Fumika's past.. Hopefully we will have a better understanding about Fumika and her family..


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