20 February 2008

World Evolution

Most people think that they know about the people living in each different countries.. They usually think that everyone is totally doing the same, e.g. shopping, working and playing..

People in each country don't evolve the same way as their counterparts in other countries.. They all have different mindsets..

Well, some guy on the net came out with a nice evolution of humans from some of the famous countries.. More like a summarization of what I've been saying..

I know Japan love Gundams but I didn't know Korea would have turn to Zergs..

Well, having different mindsets is a good thing.. Other people will find it interesting cause they will find other countries unique in different ways..

Talking about unique, after the Halo series, what other game will entice the whole world?? Will it be Hola?. With the lead character as Mister Amigo holding a guitar as his weapon..

Hmm, what is the world coming to?


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