03 February 2008

Perfect World Online Game

Well, being at home after the exam is both fun and boring.. Fun because you have the freedom you've wanted after so long being in school..

Well, it is boring because of the same freedom.. You do what you wished for after exam and got bored of it..
Waiting for the result which is on 27 February is just too long..

So to keep ourselves happy, me and Infestor51 went and search online and found a new game to play.. We present to you..

We checked the specification of the game before we get to play the game.. Well, the recommended requirements is just nice for most desktop pc and laptops currently in use..

Even my laptop meets the minimum requirement and almost meet the recommended.. Since my laptop is good enough for this game, I give my bro a thumbs up and we are good to go..

After installing the game, I logged in and tried out the game..
Creating your character is quite interesting. You can change every feature of the face such as ow big is the chin, what colour is your character's eyes.. It almost felt like creating your own 'Sims' for the game..

So after creating my character, I played the game.. Now this gets interesting.. The interface and the system is very similar to World of Warcraft..

Yes, you heard me.. The famous World of Warcraft.. In terms of minimap, skillbar, party list and even the menu bar; they are very similar..

Whats best is that Perfect World is purely quest game.. Well, you can grind abit or 2, but to lvl up in the best way you have to do quests..

Anyway, on to the game itself.. I chose the Wing Elf race with a priest as the class.. For races, there are 3 types; Human, Wing Elf & Werebeast...

I chose Wing Elf cause you can start to fly at the beginning of the game.. And being a priest, you can buff other players with mana and health regens and etc. .. So practically, you are a flying buffer/healer..

And the first attack skill is a special magic arrow which deals damage for between 70 - 80..

Well, the game is very interesting.. Being almost similar to World of Warcraft and those who prefer to play quest games, I give this game a



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