31 January 2008

Hatsune Miku; an Anime char??

I wish the exam are actually over so that I can sleep for 1 day straight.. The last paper is 2morrow and I hope to do well for it.. Well, nothing is better than to drink Milo in the morning while doing my entry..

Anyway, lets talk about the character my brother make the mini-poster you see on the left side of the blog.

Her name: Hatsune Miku

Who is she?? Well, Truthfully she is not an anime character. She is the first of many characters created for Vocaloid2.

Vocaloid2 is the latest version of voice synthesizing to make songs digitally without the need of real singers. It is created by the collaboration work between


Yes, it's really the Yamaha team.. No kidding..



Well, buying the synthesizer isn't gonna come cheap.. Each set comes at a price of ¥15750 which is equivalent to..

SGD$ 210 !!!

What's better is that they've released the second set which include 2 new characters, Kagamine Rin and Len...

Anyway, back to Hatsune, she became a worldwide phenomenon and alot of people idolized her as if she is an anime character..

Well, what made her really famous is the Levan polka she sang and it is posted on youtube..

Click here for the link..

The original Polka phenomenon came from someone making the video from Orihime from BLEACH... It is from episode 2 where she is holding the 'leek'.. But the song wasn't nice back then..

Click here for link..

The song however comes from a Finnish group named 'Loituma'.. It's quite an interesting music video to watch while listening to the song..

People can come out with anything to entertain us..

Click here for link.

So since Hatsune Miku became a worldwide phenomenon online, one Japanese 'zasshi' or Magazine in Japanese made a manga about her.. I've read the first chapter and it's quite nice..

I'm now hoping of new chapters in the coming month and maybe and anime in the future.. Whether she's a character from a synthesizing program, people still gonna treat her as an anime character..


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