06 February 2008

Ragnorok Online 2 Close-Beta Review

After the success of its predecessor, the online world community have waited for so long for a new successor to come out..

Finally, Gravity Corp. created the latest of the Ragnarok Online Game...

Ragnarok online 2 or RO2 for short is one of the best awaited game to come out in 2008.. Alot of changes are made into this game and seriously the hardcore gamers want to ave a share of this amazing game..

So what's new in RO2??

1) Reshuffling of classes.

Theres the..

So which class in RO2 took over the classes in Ro1? Well let me put it this way..

Novice → Novice

Archer → Recruit

Swordsman → Swordsman

Thief → Thief

This part on I'm not sure if this changes are true:

Magician -----------

------------------ → Enchanter

Acolyte -----------

Merchant → Clown

2) Different skills

Obvious in newer version of the game. The developers made some good skills that might be inba ( too powerful ) in the game..

And another thing, I found out one of the skill for Thief to use is this:

They should really give a different name for it.. I'm not against RO but even the picture show a guy hiting another guy's groin.. Do they have to do that on female characters too??

3) Drastic increase in System


Alot remembers that RO1 was the best to play with full graphic settings.. Well, take a look here..

Now, we have graphic card that exceed the game's recommended requirement.. We also have freaking broadband, not 56k Dial-up modem.. Even our monitors resolution is 1280X800 instead of the old 640X480..

Well now the new RO2 may shock alot of people.. The system requirement for it is too high for some..

I understand the CPU, RAM and Graphic card, but what I don't understand is why the recommended space is 10gigabyte.. Its a 7GB difference from the minumum requirement of 3GB.. Even Perfect World took about 3GB..

They sure put alot of random junks into your hard-drive where the hard-drive space can be used for other necessary stuffs..

4) Excellent graphic, Nice interface and


Look at the pictures.. No need to say anything here..

Well, for more info of RO2, I recommend everyone to go to the MMOSITE dedicated page for RO2.. They have updated all the skills, requirements and even the open-beta client for the Korean server..

For South-East Asian Nations, Asasoft is releasing the game soon, maybe a month later or so.. Their website only contain a link to the forums and the wallpapers..

One more thing.. This cracks me up... Some company is releasing a free server for RO1.. Can you believe it?? I don't after the Malaysian's Server got turned from Free-2-Play to Pay-2-Pay..

Well, lets hope Asiasoft don't make Ro2 a P2P game.. It will surely make alot of gamers pretty much angry..


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