29 February 2008

They Are My Noble Master Ep7

This episode is an interesting one.. But not as funny as episode 6 where there are so many random stuff..

Well, the usual thing still happens at the mansion.. Like Shinra-sama grab hold of Ren while she is still sleeping.. And Benisu glaring at him at the door of the room..

Well, jealousy leads to torture as she gave Ren a very tiny breakfast.. Even smaller than a McDonald Happy Meal..

More like breadcrumbs..

Things starts to go a bit hectic when Natose, head of security, sensed a presence of intruders...
More like an invasion..

However, it was not as it seems as it was just Yume's friend, Ageha Kuki who visited the family..
Talk about having a grand entrance..

Anyway, this is not an ordinary visit.. She went to the Kuonji's household to seek their permission to stay in their house.. Reason is her butler Kojūrō met with an accident and had to stay at the hospital for about 3 months according to the Colonel..

Well, she asked the family only after she did a room makeover for herself..

Even my room isn't this perfect..

What kind of accident who might ask? Well, it happens on their training at the waterfall.. More like doing some defensive skill..
Feels like Dragonball Z..

As expected, Ageha-san somewhat "bribed" them with gifts so that she can stay in their house.. Especially Shira-san who is the owner of the mansion.. Shinra-san's weakness is just cuteness which Ageha showed her with 3 pandas..

Ren however, was asked by Ageha to be her butler.. Seeing that he can serve anyone, he endured her punishment to make her a perfect tea..

The reason for Ageha's stay is also shown as there are assasins who are out to get her..
Looks like Splinter Cell 'co-op' mode..

But they couldn't enter because of Natose's defence aura.. She's totally cool when she is guarding the mansion..

Ageha however, can also snese the assasins' presence and decided to go kick their asses.. Although she did beat them, she was somewhat saved by Ren when one of the assasins tried to use a blowdart on her..

So for trying his best to protect her, Ageha gave Ren a first kiss..
Well.. That went pretty well..

With Kojūrō still in hospital, Ageha will still stay at the mansion until he comes back in the next episode.. I wish to see more random stuff happening at the Kuonji's household..

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28 February 2008

Gundam 00 Ep20

Finally Gundam 00 is shifting to a new frontier..

While some topics are finally revealed, some new topics have appeared.. One topic that is finally revealed is about Louise's hand.. I was wondering since their technology are very high-tech, surely they can regrow her hand or something..

One of the nurse at the hospital told Saji that her hand can't be grown back with stem cells because...

Newer topics that have been revealed are the mentions of GN Arms by the crew of the Ptolemaeus.. By some pictures shown by forums, it looks like a METEOR unit in Gundam Seed..

Next will be the scene where Saji's sister, Kinue was seen brutally injured in the chest and reaching out for her wallet containing a picture of her, her father and Saji.

This is just sad to watch..

She was critically injured by Ali al-Sarshes, the mercenery who is an insane antagonist. He is seriously whacked out..

Then the green haired follower is revealed to have the same ability as Virtues pilot, Tieria Arde.. His name is now finally revealed as..

3rd, we get to see the Trinity Gundams doing their normal job of eradicating a military base owned by Human Reform League ( HRL )..

Looks totally evil..

They are in a rude shock when the HRL got their own version of Gundams.. The Curse Gundams..

Looks way cooler than the Celestial Beings version.

They kicked the Trinity Gundams' ass pretty well.. Too well till the Trinity Gundams were forced to retreat..


Now the series is getting better.. It's now between Gundams.. Even Sumeragi-san said so..

Another thing that is on most people's mind is Wang Liu Mei who now seem as an evil woman... She made a deal with the Trinity and she was walking away smiling..

This is what she said:
"Yes, if it (the world) doesn't change soon, I would rather see it destroyed" With an evil smile.

Lastly, it's revealed that the main control room of Veda is located at the moon.. Livonze Almark brought his boss there ( Don't know his name ) using their own mothership..

Now Gundam 00 is going on the right track.. It's going to become an intense and also interesting show..

Also in the preview of episode 21, we see Gundam Exia floating in space, similar to Kira Yamato Strike Gundam in Gundam Seed.. 4 more episodes till the end of season 1..

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27 February 2008


Although this trend isn't new, it hits Japan recently and created a big buzz there.. What is Caramelldansen? It's Swedish for Caramel Dancing..

This is a song in the first track of the album Supergott released in 2002 by the Swedish music group Caramell.. This wasn't made famous around the world till the release of an animation loop..

The 15 frame animation loop shows Mai and Mii, characters of the visual novel Popotan (doing a hip swing dance with their hands over their heads simulating rabbit ears), and the speedup version of the song caramelldansen (Swedish for Caramel dance).

After that, it became an online sensation in the otaku online community.. To the otaku blogsphere, it is referred to as "Uuu Uuu Uma Uma" [ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚)]

Here are some examples of other characters doing the dance too.. With intresting results…!

Ran and Chen ver.

Prince of Tennis ver.

Reisen and Tewi ver.

Rin and Len ver.

Chihaya and Yayoi ver.

Tomoyo and Fuku ver.

Suzaku and Lelouch ver.

Itsuki and Kyon ver.

Nagato Yuki ver.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s ver.

Anyway, I picked out 2 of the best version of Caramelldansen.. Here they are..

Here we got an otaku doing the dance.. Got to give him credit for dancing for the whole 2.5mins.. If I do it, I can barely manage 1min..

And of course theres hatsune Miku version.. Wait till you see the hand picks the board up..

I think the Caramelldansen might hit the whole world like a firestorm.. Who knows..

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26 February 2008

Shigofumi Ep7

In this episode of Shigofumi, it begins as Miss Kasai Haruno, oneesan of Kasai Natsuka; a friend of the 'human' Fumika, gets a project to do an article about Mikawa Kirameki..

Then we get to see the shigofumi mailman's world partly in the big field filled with staves.. This is where they show Chiaki stabs her staff, Matoma into the ground and Matoma somewhat recharges himself..

Speaking of the 'human' Fumika, this episode tells about 2 different Fumikas.. The shigofumi mailman Fumika reveals to Kanaka that she is the other half of the 'human' Fumika..

So Miss Haruno went to Mikawa Kirameki's home which is a glass house.. Also known as "A forever leading silver road", Miss Haruno went there..

'E-' on architecture.. Totally ugly..

Najima Kaname, a friend of Kasai Natsuka and also a friend of the 'human' Fumika, wanted to pay a visit to Mikawa Kirameki too.. So he asked Natsuka to follow him there..

This is where it gets weird.. Mikawa suddenly acts like a small kid when theres a 'sun showers'.. He ran around playing in the rain and even ask Miss Kasai to join him.. Very very creepy of him..

Anyway while Natsuki & Kaname were on their way to the glass house, the shigofumi mailman Fumika visited Mikawa to send him a shigofumi from an addresser..

It was revealed that Fumika is his daughter.. After Mikawa read the letter, he went out for awhile before returning with a lighter, wanting to burn the letter...

Being angry for having no feelings about the addresser, Fumika took out her gun and pointed it at Mikawa, .. Then Fumika also said that he has daughters he left behind..

So this means that either there's two Fumikas or there is 1 Fumika whereas her spirit became the shigofumi mailman..

Kaname who just came in, pushed the gun out of Fumika's hand, thinking that she will shoot at Mikawa.. ( Idiot.. ) While he got pushed back, Mikawa somehow took the gun and shot Fumika..

Kanaka then calls out Fumika's name and thats it.. The preview for episode 8 shows Fumika's past.. Hopefully we will have a better understanding about Fumika and her family..

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24 February 2008

H2O ~ Footprints in the Sand ~ Ep8

I watched H2O ~ Footprints in the Sand ~ episode 8 this week and I can tell you that this is one crazy random episode..

Firstly, Hotaru and Hayami who were Takuma's close friend suddenly ended up as his sisters.. They also turn to 'chibis'..

Problem is, Takuma is the only person who didn't know that this really happen..

Because of this, his 'sisters' became sad and cried till their 'mama' which is actually Takuma's uncle, came and scolded him..

This is just soo wrong...

Fearing of further scolding by his 'mama', Takuma headed for school where a new transfer student came to class..

She is Otoha who is actually a spirit helper for Takuma... However, this was not to be as everyone can see her and she suddenly admits that she is Takuma's fiancee..

So she get to sit on Takuma's lap in class which is like totally awesome since even the class congratulate both of them..

Wow, wish it really happens in school..

More weird stuffs happen when the students and teacher of the class were turned to chibi farmers.. They look like characters from Harvest Moon..

As if it’s not ridiculous enough. Otoha requires Takuma to *'tsukkomi' people in order to collect enough energy to henshin. So Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha ( Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha )..

*A typical tsukkomi often slaps the boke on the back of the head, an action always accompanied by an intentionally cheesy slapping sound effect.

There is also the Hatsune Miku parody in the show.. Go Yui-chan..

Leek are so L33T..

Anyways, it all turns out to be Otoha’s own dream world, where she intends to enjoy herself for a last few moments as she’ll be disappearing soon as her duty is done already. She bids Takuma a teary farewell, after wishing him the best...

This is probably one of the best episode in the show.. Though I'm saddened that Otoha has got to go.. But the randomness is totally excellent..

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22 February 2008

Youth Olympic Games Result Show

My friend msged me saying that he found some job at the 'Padang'.. Thinking of what it could be, I asked him what it was..

After telling us about the Youth Olympic Game ( YOG ) Result show being ushers, I and some of my friends decided to help out since SGD$40 in 4 hours is an excellent pay..
Next day, met with them at City Hall MRT station.. Walked to the 'Padang', we met with Chilli's 'boss'..

He brought us to the usher waiting room.. Then an IC took over him, briefing us about what our job will totally be and showed us the position we must be during the show..

We went to our individual spot where we just stand there and guide the guest and the public to their seats.. Other than that we just watch the show involving Jurong Junior College ( JJC )..

The show began at 5pm+ but the result was shown live at about 7pm+.. After waiting for so long, the International Olympic Committee (IOC ) president awarded the country to host the YOG to Singapore..

Being a staff for awhile seems fun.. Hope I can even get a job at the YOG at 2010 too..

After the show ended, there was an after-event party.. It lasted for 1 hour.. At this time, my job is done since most of the guest have left the area..

Being a winner to host the YOG, they sure have alot of money to throw alot of confetti onto the crowds which later ended up on the streets.. So much rubbish..

The party continued on and on..

But we went back in near the end of the party.. We were waiting in the room to get our pay..
Getting our pay, we left for dinner at Funan IT Mall.. When we left the area, it was pretty much empty..

Let's hope that me and my friends get to have a job in the YOG.. And hope Singapore will make us proud when the country host it in 2010..

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