10 October 2008

Surpassing 75k Hits

Miku thanks everyone for visiting Fariz Asuka's blog.. ^^

Well, it has been about 10 months since my blog made its debut to the online community and I am grateful to say that my blog has reach a traffic hit of >75000 ( 76200 hits at 2AM ).. Yes, thats right.. My blog traffic hits have just broken through the 75k mark..

Well, it has been a rollercoaster ride for me during some of the weeks; preparing for exams, planning for events and etc but in the end, I still manage to find some spare time to post about news and other information.. What a hectic schedule I had.. xD
Well, I would to give my thanks firstly to the Team Blue members who visited my blog all this while and comment( as prove of your visit lol ).. People like Panther, Anonymous Coward (AC), ClearTranquil, Gordon, Chong Mizunaga and Feidamu are some of the few Team Blue members often visited my website..

Of course, the rest of the Team Blue members did visit my blog, such as Konkona, Najica, my bro; TheFuzzy or Infestor51 and Yumeno.. Anyways, it was thanks to some of them that there is a slight increase in my website...
Next, I would like to thank AnimeNano and Danny Choo for bringing in more visitors to my site.. I was just added onto AnimeNano just a couple of weeks ago and I didn't even realise it till my brother told me a few days later.. =3

My post on DannyChoo about Team Blue events or other stuff, such as the Magical Battle Arena entry, the Coscon @ Games Convention Asia 08 and the Team Blue's Smexy September Figure Shoot resulted in alot of hits for a few weeks (800 per day).. I didn't expect to get that much hits because I posted about the trial game way before the official release of the game.. I think the game is kinda boring after seeing alot of people playing it.. =(

Then there are also the regular members who comment on some of my entries such as Phossil, Kozta-Boom and Divine Fang.. I would like to thank them for visiting my wonderful blog and I will repay them by visiting theirs too (I will do some commenting too.. xD )..
Doing the Vocaloid Weekly was simply worth it.. It was nice listening to those beautiful songs..

In the 3 months after I posted about getting my 30k hits, I made some improvements onto my blog such as the comment box and the summarization feature.. This helps make commenting easier for everybody, including me..

As a token of appreciation, I would like to give to give 2 pictures; one of Hatsune Miku and the other of Kagamine Rin.. I hope you enjoy them.. ^^
Well, I hope I will do my best to provide you all with whatever news that is worth posting and also news about anything Hatsune Miku; Cosplay, Games, etc.. I will continue posting the Vocaloid Weekly for the nice up-to-date songs from the Vocaloid family and also the monthly posting of the Hatsune Mix manga..

Till then, I shall let you all watch this video while I go and take a good long rest to prep myself for more unexpected thing to come.. ^^


  1. Wow! congrats to you man ^^"

  2. @ Kozta-Boom: Arigato.. Thanks for visiting my blog all this while.. ^^

  3. 800 hits per day WTF. I FAIL

    Congrats. And stuff.

  4. Really I don't have a good idea of getting more hits to a blog and I thought 75k in 10 months is amazing! Congrats!!!

    Lolicon here, *rightclicksave* Kagamine Rin!

  5. Im listed!! Hurray!! Lol!!
    Congrats!! Im happy that I've found this blog!!

  6. @ Everyone: Thanks everyone.. Greatly Appreciate it.. ^^

    @ Divine Fang: Hope you like the Kagamine Rin pic.. xD

  7. OSHII-

    I am dam late, but congratulations! XD

    Your 75k hits are very well deserved. Keep up the good work!

  8. @ Mizunaga: Thank you!! Well, its better late than never.. xD


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