05 October 2008

Hell Week

It has been a rough week for me as Hari Raya clashes with some of my schedules, including doing my blog entries.. I also have to plan the Hari Raya for my school friends soon.. It seems that I have other problems to take care too.. =3

The problem is that my laptop's charger adaptor is releasing smoke again.. Must be some loose wirings burning the rubber insulation.. This isn't good news as a fire might occur.. Need to get a new adaptor for myself later in the afternoon.. This is one HELL WEEK..
Speaking of Hell, Jigoku Shoujo Season 3 or better known as "Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae" is already out in Japan.. I will get some free time to watch the show.. The new season is very interesting.. A MUST WATCH for everyone.. xD

Well, to end this short entry, here is the PV of "Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae".. Enjoy!!


  1. so much things to do so little time, ya i tottally understand that. need to learn how to freeze time...

  2. relax... it'll be over soon... hehe *pat pat*

    btw what laptop adapter? which model?


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