12 October 2008

Hawt Wizard in Diablo 3

Hawt Wizard is Hawt..

After a few months of waiting, EA and Blizzard have both release their respective game trailers on their games; Red Alert 3 and Diablo 3 respectively.. After looking at the trailers, I felt that I should rather buy the game than go the "normal way".. Both games looks quite good judging at the gameplay trailers.. RA3 will be shown later.. ^^

BTW, lets take a look at Diablo 3's new trailer.. This trailer showcase the announcement of a new class for the game itself; The Wizard..
Judging by the trailer, it seems that the battle took place at the same church in Diablo 2; The Tristum Church..
The trailer later proceeds on to showing some of the Wizard's skills in-game.. Pretty amazing actually, especially the effects of the spells..

First up being the Lightning attack..
This is sooo Star Wars: Unleashed..

There is also the Freeze Shot.. Freezing a big monster is a big advantage since those monsters can deal high dmg..
But I do prefer doing the "Slow-Bubble" skill.. I love how she can push back the orbs after they slowed down in her "Slow-Bubble"..
Does the "Mothership" in Starcraft 2 rings a bell?

Last but not least, we get to see one of the bosses in Diablo 3; the Undead King.. This seems like the Undead King in Lord of The Ring.. I was tempted to play this game ASAP as soon as I saw the boss.. I wonder what kind of attacks he can do..
Will he have a 1-Hit Kill skill? We will never know till the game is out.. But before that, I need to get myself a new laptop to play any new games such as RA3 and Diablo 3..

BTW, here is the trailer for the Wizard class in Diablo 3.. Enjoy!!


  1. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Lolz, I also get the feeling they simply recycled the effect for Slow Time from SC2 Mothership's Timebomb. Looks so similar.

  2. sweet. looking so sweet!

    i kinda miss those diablo days...

  3. @ KeepYourselfAlive: It does looks awfully similar with the SC2 Mothership's Timebomb.. I hate when they reuse such effects..

    But hey, the game is still being developed so I hope they do change that.. ^^

    @ Anonymous Coward: Indeed.. I am thinking of playing the old D2.. its still freaking good to play..

  4. the Undead King is actually king leoric in diablo 1. there's a quest to kill him but looks like the undead don't rally stay dead.

  5. @ Gordon: Wow.. You still remember the history of Diablo 1.. I forgot what was D1 about since I stopped playing the game many moons ago.. =3

    Well, time to read up on Diablo history.. xD

  6. mai rofl copter goes SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI

  7. Anonymous5:01 PM

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