09 October 2008

Chalet At Aloha Loyang

Well, being back home is awesome.. Even though I was away for just almost 2 days, being back at home with my family is better.. Anyway, I did have fun while I was away at the chalet; Aloha Loyang, located at the northeastern part of Singapore..

Well, whats the fun without some nice pictures at Pasir Ris park.. While cycling around the park, I took some pictures around the park.. Although I didn't bring along my digital camera, I do have my N82 cameraphone with me.. ^^
Well, Pasir Ris Park does have a good view of the sea, providing a cool breeze to the area.. The weather on the 2nd day was fine, with a nice view of Malaysia..
I also spotted some "Kelong"; a form of offshore platform built predominantly with wood built by fishermen primarily for fishing purposes.. Its rare to see those at the seas of Singapore due to rapid urbanization.. =(
Being there got me thinking, how about having a Team Blue figure shoot here one of these months? Well, I'm not sure it is suitable for this October Grand Shoot due to travelling distance for people living in the West to the East..
What I know is that the location is quite empty during the evening even in the weekend in some parts of the park.. Well, I do love being in the park taking the pictures..

Pity I didnt bring along any figurines.. I should have brought along Nendo Miku so that I can take some shots of her there.. =3
In the end, I did enjoy my stay at the chalet, especially the BBQ.. xD
Well, to those who wants to see the map of Pasir Ris park, here you go.. I do wish having a figure shoot will be possible in future events.. ^^
Click pic to enlarge it..

As for now, I shall sit down and relax playing Black And White 2.. :P


  1. Black & White 2? Slow.

  2. what? YOU WERE GONE for 2 days?

    I thought I see you almost everyday online.. LOL!

    hmm im feeling hungry after seeing the bbq. lol damn

  3. we shall haz Team Blue Chalet some day

  4. that BBQ seems tasty..

  5. @ Panther: Yes, I am slow.. But heck.. This is my 4th time playing the game.. xD

    @ Anonymous Coward: Yup, Im technically gone for 2 days.. I went home early on the 2nd day after BBQ because my friend's parents picked him up.. So free transport all the way home.. :P

    @ Squee: Yes, we should.. And we can have figure shoot there too.. ^^

    @ Phossil: They are, though the chicken took a long while to cook under the intense heat.. =(

  6. Looks like a nice place. I should go there some day.

  7. @ Mizunaga: I shall help you by smuggling you there.. The park is near Malaysia anyways.. xD


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