19 October 2008

Ornate October Figure Shoot Preview..

It was one of those days during each month where Team Blue will organise an event.. This month was the "Figurative Story" where people tell stories with whatever pictures they took during each photoshoot.. This week was the 2nd photoshoot held for this month and which me and my brother, Infestor51 attended..

We couldn't attend the previous figure shoot the week before due to Hari Raya outing.. Anyway, in this week Figure Shoot, I brought along my figurine, Saika S. Farnese.. The pictures I took of her looks great, better than what I've expected..

I will upload every picture I took during the figure shoot on photobucket very soon.. Im currently on medication but I will have to see a doctor very soon since my asthma is getting worse..

BTW, I just got my Luchinni from Chibihien a few weeks after he got it from Hobby Link Japan.. I shall post a figure review of her, after I do a preview of figma Miku and GSC 1/8 Miku..
I shall wait for the night pictures of Saika S. Farnese from Wcloudx a.k.a. Jon so that I can do an event coverage of it.. ^^

I wish all the best for those going for a karaoke session later today.. I don't think me and Infestor51 will be able to make it.. Pity.. =(


  1. Figurative Story, lolwut Ornate October. If that is what you want to call your story-based review though that is up to you.

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