02 October 2008

Celebrating Hari Raya 2008

Once again the festival is finally here.. Its the festival where we visit our grandparents and granduncles/aunties, some living at faraway lands.. Families will drive whatever vehicles they own, from cars to bikes to even trucks just for the sake of travelling around.. ^^

Well, that is just the partial reason for Hari Raya.. The other reason for Hari Raya is the "green packets" that are filled with moneys (Usually about SGD$2, SGD$5 or SGD$10).. The larger your family with most of them as working adults, the more money you can collect.. xD
Well, the money I've collected will be used partially for paying for the things I have/will have for the month of September and October.. Well, here are the list of items:

Kei's Gallery ArtBook

I didn't expect to get this easily since it used to be on sale in Japan and at best at Amazon Japan.. But thanks to Kinokuniya and Feidamu, I've manged to obtain it.. Well, I do need to pay him for getting me this artbook.. ^^

Well, the main reason for wanting this book for quite a long time is the contents of the book.. It has artworks of Kei himself (obviously) with a first few pages dedicated to Hatsune Miku artworks..
Very nice artworks indeed.. I love it.. ^^

Well, other than just the Hatsune Miku artworks, Kei also did other artworks, some of them are just random while some are from animes themselves like Gainax's "FLCL".. His artworks are simply amazing..
Well, I will recommnd everyone to get this artbook even you are not a Hatsune Miku fan.. There are alot of artworks that is beautifully done and totally looks amazing.. I will do a review on this pretty soon.. ^^

1/10 Francesca Lucchini PVC

Yeah, this was actually not what I planned to get during September but due to this offer at Hobby Link Japan (HLJ) here, me, Nanopulp and Feidamu wanted it so bad.. So in the end, I somehow managed to rake up more bills to pay for.. At least she looks cute..
Now.. Onto my figurines I'm going to get this early October.. They were released in End September but La Tendo seems to have it late.. Who cares, onto the figurines:

Alter 1/8 Beat Blades Haruka

The first figurine I wanted to buy after I joined Team Blue.. It was the time that I had joined the DARK SIDE.. I almost wanted to give up on this figurine but I decided to stick to my plan and still buy it since it is my first figurine I ordered.. Click here is the link.. ^^
Lets hope that I can get the money out when she arrives at La Tendo..

GSC 1/8 Hatsune Miku

As a Hatsune Miku fan, I as a Miku Guardian pre-ordered it as soon as it was opened for pre-orders.. I wasted no time in getting it.. What can I say? I love how shiny her outfit are shiny (quite a rarity since only some gets it..)..
It is good that I got her before pre-orders are closed.. Click here for link.. xD

Thats all the items that I'll be using some of my Hari Raya money for.. Well, that is why I hate buying on impulse.. Can't control myself.. =3

With the remaining money I have, I've decided to gives some Hari Raya money to everyone living at my home, especially Figma Miku..
However, Hachune Miku saw what was going on and wanted to get the Hari Raya money too.. xD
Well, before I could give Hachune Miku another "green packet", Figma Miku was very kind to give Hachune hers.. Hachune was so excited when she got it, though the "packer" seems abit big for her.. -_-;
At least Hachune Miku loves it.. Figma Miku loves to see Hachune Miku smiles, thats for sure.. ^^
I hope you enjoyed your Hari Raya holiday.. I enjoyed mine the best.. I do wonder why there are fewer people set up "Lampu Kelap-Kelip" this year.. Must be due to electricity bill.. xD

To end this entry, I would like to say to everyone,

Selamat Hari Raya!!


  1. The first that really caught my attention was Kei's Gallery ArtBook, knew nothing about it so thanks for the heads up. I think I'll be checking local Kino for availability when I'm free. How much did it cost if you do not mind telling?

    I'm not a Muslim so I didn't really 'celebrate' Hari Raya but we (my Muslim buddies and I) did text each other :) PS: The initial plan was to pull out a Tekken gathering but eventually we didn't. Oh, "Selamat Hari Raya"!

  2. @ Divine Fang: Ah.. The artbook cost about SGD$44 according to Feidamu since he bought the book for me from Kino.. Hope this helps.. ^^

    Ah, we did that too here in Singapore, I mean the texting part.. Wow, you all initially planned a Tekken gathering? Thats awesome.. Maybe I can try and apply that idea here in Singapore.. Thanks.. XD

  3. Yay Hari Raya. Monies. Chinese New Year for me too gives me monies but I should be receiving less. I need to work or something. >_<

  4. I didnt know about Hari Raya until now.

    Kei's artbook looks fantastic (specially Miku's drawnings). It also capt my attention the 1/10 Francesca Lucchini PVC figure.

  5. @ Panther: I need to work too to pay for the upcoming figurines for the month of November till December.. :(

    @ Phossil: Its alrite..

    Anyway, I'll be doing a review on the Kei's Gallery soon.. Do catch it.. ^^

  6. Oh! that Kei's artwork looks really good. You should show us all the pages.

  7. @ Kozta-Boom: Ok, I will do it as soon as Im free this coming week.. ^^


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