13 October 2008

First Day of Job

Well, I just got my posting at a company near Paya Lebar Rd called NexLabs recently.. I'm currently working on a project (Yes, I was given on 1st day of work) and I am having some minor difficulty doing it since it requires Java which I have forgotten about it since 2 years back.. -_-;

But the good thing is that I do have some recollection of what I did 2 years ago on Java.. I will do my best during my internship and well, learn from the work experience.. Sadly, there isn't any females working at the company.. =3
Fortunately, I will still use some of my spare time to watch anime and do my regular blogging.. Till then, I need to get some sleep.. Nite everyone.. ^^


  1. I came to raep your pictures.

  2. @ Panther: LOL WTH..

  3. It is definitely kinda stressful when your superior slaps a project on your face the first day at work. I felt that when I was given a reinforced concrete structural design project the first day (I was in a construction firm). So listenning to Jpop did help to relieve stress back then, and if anime, 2D girls or blogging bring the same effect, why not? Ganbatte!

  4. its good experience!

    hey Google is your friend :P

    no worries about Java.. hehehe

  5. @ Divine Fang: Wow.. I didn't know you got a project on your first day of work too.. But yeah, I did listen to some Jpop musics and even Hatsune Miku songs to relieve stress..

    Maybe I should try blogging too.. ^^

    @ Anonymous Coward: YES!! Google is our friend.. Well, I should take it slow and steady.. But I shouldnt take it too slow though.. xD

  6. Good luck with your job! 8D

    What exactly do you do there, anyway?

  7. @ Mizunaga: Thanks!! Well, as for now, I can be called a technical engineer..

    My job is at random for now; Do Java programming, make a network server and Install a Cisco Unified Application Environment (CUAE) Server.. -_-;;

  8. my office is at paya lebar but i don't report there for work. the traffic there is killer.

  9. @ Gordon: Agreed.. Traffic at Paya Lebar is a total killer.. Even bus journy can take like 30mins when it takes 5 mins in normal traffic.. ^^

  10. I had forgotten Java a little bit too. But I think its like learning to ride a bike, you dont forget at all.

    no girls working in your job?? thats too bad... >_<

  11. @ Phossil: True.. I think of it as something like that lol..

    Yeah, kinda blows when there isn't any females in the company you are working for.. =3


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