03 October 2008

GSC Kagami Suzuka and New Line Kanu Unchou School Swimsuit Open For Reservation

Another good news for everyone.. Good Smile has made an announcement that the 3rd figurine from the Muv-Luv game; Kagami Suzuka is now open for pre-orders..

Kagami Suzuka

Good Smile Company has already shown us the whole set for this game series.. The first figurine, Mitsurugi Meiya was released earlier last year while the second figurine; Yashiro Kasumi was just announced a couple of weeks back..
I kinda like this figurine since she looks lovely holding the heart.. And her outfit is also as shiny as Yashiro Kasumi..
Front-View of Kagami Suzuka..

Back-View of Kagami Suzuka..

Close-Up View of Kagami Suzuka..

Well, the 1/8 Kagami Suzuka is now opened for reservation at Hobby Search for only 6500 yen which is about SGD$90.. Quite a decent price considering the shiny outfit she is wearing.. There might also be due to the higher quality material used to make her leg to prevent her from leaning, who knows.. ^^
Next up we have another figure which just opened for pre-orders.. It is the..

Kanu Unchou School Swimsuit Ver.

Well, this is kind of expected for me since Kanu is kinda famous in a sense.. Anyway, back to topic at hand.. New Line was happy to announced that the School Swimsuit Ver. of Kanu is now opened for reservation..
Front-View of Kanu Unchou..

I like her pose, very nice.. And the small base makes it alot easier for figure collectors to showcase this figure quite easily among other figurines..
Back-View of Kanu Unchou..

Well, the 1/7 Kanu Unchou School Swimsuit Ver. is now opened for reservation at Hobby Search for only 7800 yen which is about SGD$120.. Its sure be nice to get this for those Kanuu fans out there.. ^^

Well, thats all I have for today's report on figure announcement.. I would like to purchase Kagami Suzuka so that she could join with Yoshiro Kasumi but I have budget constraints already so its a NO-GO for me.. :(

How about you? Will you get them?? ^^


  1. Wow there really are some nice PVCs coming out this year.

  2. @ ClearTranquil: Yeah, some of them are pretty good.. Unfortunately I couldn't purchase anymore after my last purchase on Yashiro Kasumi.. =3

  3. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Dang. I really wanna get that Kanu figure but... My wallet's complaining >_<

  4. @ Malzias: Hmm.. I am also in a tight budget now.. Any new figurines that is opened for reservation will make me cringe since I can't order anymore.. >_<

  5. These PVC sure looks lovely. I guess I will need to start saving money..hehe

  6. @ Phossil: Yeah, I simply love the details on them.. I think people would love to buy Kanu in Swimsuit.. xD

  7. Anonymous2:44 PM

    maaan, i have no idea what muv-luv is, but i'm soooo tempted to pick up the figures. great looking and i love collecting matching sets ^^;


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