07 October 2008

Metal Rage; A New Mechwarrior-Type Warfare

Browsing through MMOSite, me and my brother, Infestor51 chanced upon this new game company from South Korea called "GameHi".. Recently, they showcased all of their new 6 games that they are going to release all at once.. They are Project M (Metal Rage), Project L, Project E, Project A, Project D and Project K (Karcass Online)..

The one that fascinates both of us is this mech game called "Metal Rage"; A Robotic Online Action TPS.. Before I say more, here is the Promo video of the game:

Well, as the Promo video shows, its an online battle pitted against mechs.. Well, the design on the mechs look sleek and very futuristic but I remember seeing some parts of their design are taken from MechWarrior.. But heck, Mechwarrior is an old game.. ^^
Here is the backstory of the game:
In A.D. 2070, humans have struggled with one another in order to survive in the universe. To follow one's instinct and desires to survive, every human must join one of 3 large-scaled groups formed with the purpose of depriving the others of their powers to govern the world.

There are currently 4 types of robots in the game..

1st) A scout-type robot, agile and can eliminate enemies quickly..
2nd) A Heavy Mech with tanking abilities.. A frontline mech which has an ability to melee other mech opponents with its chainsaw and flamethrower..

3rd) An Engineer-Type Mech.. Ability to repair damaged mechs and is able to deploy into a stationary gun to spam against the enemy.. Weapon is usually a cannon-based..

4th) The most dangerous mech perhaps its the Spider Mech.. Has 2 cannons that can pulverized the enemies with one click of the button.. Has an ability to do sniping (as shown below) on faraway enemies..
Well, when this game comes out, I will get myself registered and play this awesome game.. This must be one of the coolest online mech game I've seen after I played Mechwarriors..

Before I end this entry, here is the gameplay video of "Metal Rage".. Do catch the last scene of the video, you'll be amaze.. Enjoy.. ^^


  1. Holy shit finally a mecha MMO. Unfortunately it is by Korea, so I wonder at its prospects. I am going to pick it up for a try though.

  2. Oh! thanks for linking to me :D I linked you back too ^^/!

  3. Might wanna try it out. But since it's on Korean servers with pro Koreans in it... D:

  4. I had played the Mech Warrior Saga before and I like that kind of games. The gameplay seems very cool.

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Woah, the gameplay looks good. Might give this a shot if my laptop can take it @_@

  6. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I'm gonna play as either the engineer or the speed mecha.

    I know you're gonna take the 4-legged one fariz. I just know it.

  7. @ Panther & Yumeno: Well, I rather play for the fun of it first before it is released for English.. As for now, just play along with the Koreans or even other players from other countries..

    You never know you might be better than some of them.. ^^

    @ Puppy52Doll: Arigato!! Thanks for linking.. xD

    @ Phossil: I did play the game long time ago.. I hope their tactics are about the same as Mechwarriors.. ^^

    @ Malzias (KeepYourselfAlive): Glad you enjoyed watching the trailers.. xD

    @ TheFuzzy: Darn.. I'm caught red-handed.. Well, I do love sniping.. =)

  8. OSHII-


    The fact that it's an MMO kinda turns me off though. Because I know I will just get pwned. :\

  9. @ Mizunaga: Meh, dont think of it like that.. Its the fun and excitement of playing it is nice.. Well, you never know.. You can beat most of them.. ^^

  10. Notaddc@hotmail.com8:44 PM

    If anyone knows how to get a korean account please please pleaseplease please please please please please email me, this is so amazing!!! i want to be the spider mech so bad he look so bad ass!!!! please if you know Korean and can sign me up or have an extra account i beg you email me at Notaddc@hotmail.com ill be grateful.

  11. here is account ( dont change pass ok ?)

    ID: testgametl
    pass: thanhcong09

  12. but someone can tell me:

    when i in lobby, click start, its loading, but when done im go back lobby, someone tell me why ?

  13. anyone know if its gonna be english version or something..or should i start learning korean :D

  14. Anonymous4:32 AM

    you really cant play it unless you have the korean "social security number" and it's not a MMO. it's FPS

  15. Madgamer1:28 AM

    If i not wrong the english version will come out this year after their summer. i heard from the interviews on the company during a show.

  16. Anonymous3:29 AM

    livineasylife1 you asswipe its not FPS. you even know what FPS means? FIRST PERSON SHOOTER does that look like first person to you? the answer is NO

  17. Anonymous1:36 PM

    it looks awesome and i want the mech with the dual gatling guns

  18. Anonymous7:59 PM

    wOULD this game will be introduced here in the Philippines?

  19. Anonymous7:58 AM

    i want that bad ass mech with the gatling guns too!


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