30 January 2008

Finishing touches with Infestor51

Finally, I put the last few touches to make my anime blog complete. It took me and my bro, Infestor51.. Ok.. He put in alot more effort to making those banners and side picture.

You know why?? Cause he has finished his semestral exam.. Damn the papers.. My last paper is slated for this friday and I'm kinda worn out to study anything after doing alot of coding for my blog..

At least I've completed it after just releasing it to the public yesterday.. Well the blog used to be in this condition before some finishing touches are made.

Well, collected all the feedbacks from my friends, I began to do some big changes from my old blog which truthfully was alot laggy to load fully..

Well, what can you say.. I put so much spam on my blog since I was just trying out some javascripts and also the music player which users can press the stop button. ( It's better than those who hide in behind their whole blog and users can't even stop it. )

Then theres also the too much advertising from BlogSg and WorldBlog. I think I'm not into those big world blog community yet so I removed them from my blog.

Furthermore theres the archive list which spans almost to half the blog page. I had to get rid of it.. Kinda makes the page loads faster after that.

Well, to prove that my brother really did the job and not some other random dude, heres a screenshot of his work.. I surely need to learn from him to get in the same level with him.. Hmm..

By the way, both pictures that he worked on are not his. Must somehow thank the original scanner/wallpaper-maker for the great pics.

Next on the blog project list is to make the blog loding time faster than the current one. My bro and I thought of splitting the CSS and the Javascript into files and upload them to webhosting sites. From there, my blog can refer to the files and thus load faster.

Well, I don't really care of becoming famous or whatever. I just want to blog so as to kill some free time..


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