29 January 2008

Reactivation of Asuka's Blog

Finally, after some long break from World of Warcraft. I finally rid my addiction of it. So with some free time I'm back to the blogging business.

Instead of just writing about my gaming life and my normal goondu life, Im will also include abit of Anime review in this new blog.

So first up, I would like to talk about my new banner on top of my blog. Thanks to my brother for that. Anyway, I chose the anime pic from a framegrab of 2 animes.

They are:




Ah yes, 2 of the few best animes I've ever watch. So I let my brother whipped out his laptop and use Photoshop to edit the banner and Voila!!

I will keep on reviewing some animes currently on show and maybe a few entry about my slice of life.

Dont worry about me taking candid shots of ppl anymore. I stopped doing those things and will only take pictures of ppl if the person agrees.


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