11 April 2008

Animes to Watch in April (AWA)

Well, the new anime season has arrived this month and I would like to show all of you the new and the new season of animes that you can find it pretty interesting to watch..

These are some of the few animes I'm catching this season:

1) Soul Eater

Release Date: 7th April 2008
Genres: Action, Fantasy
Studio: Bones

The 3 musketeers..

2) Macross Frontier

Release Date: 3rd Apirl 2008
Genres: Mecha, Music, Science-Fiction
Studio: Satellite

Last scene in OP..

Gundam deja vu anyone??

Mechwarrior to me..

3) Vampire Knight

Release Date: 7 April 2008
Genres: Fantasy, Love-Romance, School Life
Studio: Studio Deen

Look almost like Dante from Devil May Cry (DMC)..

There is still comedy in this dark anime..

4) Kanokon

Release Date: 5th April 2008
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Love-Romance, Novel, School Life
Studio: Xebec

Me?? Baka?!?

5) Tower of Druaga

Release Date: 4th April 2008
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Game
Studio: Gonzo Digimation

Only have screenshots from the OP.. Wanna watch for free please go to Youtube, Crunchyroll and Bost TV.. No seriously, those who don't know, Gonzo put them there themselves.. ^^

Police-knight doing his job at the train station??

Guy is Jil.. The girl Im not very sure..

I don't know Japanese well but I think this might be a relase date of the MMORPG game or the movie..

6) xxxHolic: Kei

Release Date: 3rd April 2008
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Horror
Studio: Production I.G

I'm not so sure if this anime is good to watch for most people.. I watched this because it is shown on one of the local channel in Singapore (Arts Central, Wednesday at 11.30pm).. The name of the anime is..

7) Neo Angelique Abyss

Release Date: 6th April 2008
Genres: Fantasy, Game, Love-Romance
Studio: Yumeta Company

With all of these animes to watch, I think most would enjoy watching them.. I might only review on Soul Eater and Kanokon only during this anime season(spring) due to school term..

Hope you get to enjoy these shows.. Wanted to review Macross Frontier but Setsuna took that job already.. At least it make my life easier with less animes to review.. Thanks Setsuna.. ^^


  1. Blassreiter is also full of CG but looks ok for sci-fi action bikers. Those who are interested in the above combination can also check it out.

    I heard Druaga was awesome, and it was already on my to-watch list. Argh.

    Allison & Lillia got good reviews, those who were interested in Last Exile should keep a watch on it since the director or storywriter or something like that is the same.

    Kyouran is another comedy anime people should keep watch on. Further anime updates will come once they air, I hope.

  2. ya i'll catch Macross Frontier. any fansubs in .mkv format?

  3. @ panther: Hmm, maybe I go and watch them when they are released..

    Last Exile was alrite, though the part where they go through the vortex was abit confusing..

    Thanks for the new info.. ^^

    @ gordon: I'm not quite sure.. My source only have .MP4 format.. Sorry.. :(

  4. Watched Soul Eater 1 by the way. Awesome stuff, and it will be 51 episodes.

  5. いけない! I forgot to watch Vampire Knight!

    Am watching the rest of those series too- except xxxHolic: Kei, since I never watched the first series of that.

    Blassreiter and Druaga are awesome! ^^ Druaga especially (IMO).


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